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Nuisance 999 caller from Blackwood gets ASBO

Published in News on Tuesday June 28th, 2011. Last updated at 10:41


Ceri Jones, 48, from Blackwood has been given an ASBO

Ceri Jones, 48, from Blackwood has been given an ASBO

A woman who repeatedly called the emergency services has been given an Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO).

Ceri Anwen Jones, aged 48, from Clos Gwendraeth, Upper Trelyn, Blackwood, was given an indefinite ASBO by Abergavenny Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told that Jones displayed frequent antisocial and abusive behaviour in and around the Blackwood area, often while under the influence of alcohol. She also made persistent calls to the emergency services over this time period, often for seemingly trivial matters.

Under the terms of the ASBO, Jones must not do the following anywhere in Caerphilly County Borough:

Act in a manner which causes or is likely to cause nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress to any person.
Drink alcohol in a public place, except on licensed premises
Be in possession of alcohol in open bottles, cans, cups, or containers in a public place
Contact the police, ambulance, fire service, coastguard or any other medical or support agency, except where genuinely in need of assistance of those services

Cllr Rob Gough, cabinet member for public protection said: “We take a very tough stance on antisocial behaviour in Caerphilly County Borough.

“We are adamant that a very small minority of people will not cause nuisance and disturbance to our local residents, and we are not afraid of taking tough action to ensure that this remains the case”.

PC Claire Young, the crime and disorder reduction officer for Bargoed and Rhymney, said: “Antisocial behaviour affects people’s quality of life, and we will take action against those who cause misery for other people.

“The residents of Upper Trelyn can be assured that we are dealing with anti-social behaviour, and will continue to do so.”


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