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Caerphilly MP Wayne David’s blog: February 14

Published in Comment, News on Monday February 14th, 2011. Last updated at 13:00


In his first blog for Caerphilly Observer, Caerphilly’s Labour MP Wayne David shows there is still no love lost locally between his party and Plaid Cymru – despite it being Valentine’s Day.

Caerphilly MP Wayne David.

This is my first blog for the Caerphilly Observer. I hope it will be read (and discussed) widely.

As I see it, my words are meant to provide a ‘gutsy’ commentary on what is happening in Caerphilly and Westminster. I will pass comment on topical issues and, on occasions, some will see my comments as controversial. So here goes….

As we move closer to the Spring, people are beginning to think about the Welsh Assembly Powers Referendum on March 3 and the Welsh Assembly Elections on May 5. I really hope there will be a reasonable turn-out on March 3 and that the people of Caerphilly (and Wales) will vote “Yes” in sizeable numbers.

I also hope that the good voters of the Caerphilly Constituency will vote for Jeff Cuthbert, the Labour Candidate in the Assembly. To add a bit of spice to the campaign I am, today, launching a public competition.

The competition is about Ron Davies. He is Plaid Cymru’s candidate for the Caerphilly Assembly seat and, as most people know, Ron was the Labour MP and AM for Caerphilly before he ‘jumped ship’, and turned his back on the Labour Party which had given him so much.

After Ron left Labour, being a man of great principle as we know, he linked up with another turncoat called John Marek.

John had been Labour as well but he had fallen out with his local Labour Party. He and Ron were the two leading lights in a new party called Forward Wales. This was, we were told, going to transform Welsh politics. It got nowhere fast and has now been disbanded.

Next, our man of principle, Ron that is, became an “Independent” and stood for the council.

He was elected by the good people of Bedwas, Trethomas and Machen who, presumably, believed he should have a second chance. But, the next ‘port of call’ for brother Ron was Plaid Cymru – a party he had railed against back in 1979 when he was strongly anti-devolution. Seeing no contradiction in being an Independent on the council and a Plaid Cymru party member, he soon became Plaid’s Welsh Assembly Candidate for Caerphilly.

My competition is about where he will go next. His good friend John Marek has ended up supporting the Conservatives. Will Ron follow suit? Or, will Ron try one of the exotic minor parties after he has made use of Plaid? This is the question.

Could anyone who has an inkling of where Ron might go next, please drop me a line. The prize will be a copy of ‘The Prince’. It will be signed by the great man himself – no not Machiavelli but Ron.

I will give Ron six months, at the most, before he will be looking for new ’friends’.

Wayne David
Labour MP for Caerphilly


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  • Stephen M Jones

    This is just typical of Labour – they are bankrupt when it comes to policies so all they can do is make personal attacks on people. Ron Davies has done more for Caerphilly and Wales then both our incumbent MP and AM put together!

  • Andrew David

    Isn’t Wayne David the MP who was involved in the expenses scandal and had to repay over £14,000 worth of expenses claimed from the House of Commons? The same man who whose party ran the UK for 13 years, engaged in an illegal war, misspent the public purse, let the bankers run amok, then had to bail them out and in the process almost bankrupt the country??

  • Big Al

    Plaid are a joke, no-one takes them (or their new convert candidate) seriously anymore. If they're offering such a compelling alternative, then why are they riding 25 points behind Labour in the Assembly polls, neck-and-neck with the oh-so-popular Tories?

  • Allan Pritchard

    So Mr David wants to tell us in his blog what is happening in Westminster and Caerphilly. He then ignores his own stated intentions and tells us absolutely nothing about what he is doing in Westminster as the MP for Caerphilly.

    Being the opportunist he is (check his expenses claims), Mr David has taken advantage of his blog to throw as much mud as he possibly can to cover up his shortcomings as an MP and help prop up his flagging sidekick Mr Cuthbert.

    It's surprising how tetchy some people get when they know their seat is under threat.

  • David Trevor Smith

    Wayne David asks which political party will Ron Davies be joining next.I can asure him it will not be Labour.His party run the country for 13 years.and the only people who did ok with them,was them selfs.This is the man who was told that if he did not return 14000,of ratepayers money which he had no right to claim. then he would be taken to court.Yes mr David there is an election soon and i hope the people of Caerphilly elect the right person for the job.Ron Davies.

    David Trevor Smith.

  • Mike Evans

    Most of us are so fed up of politicians attacking each other.Nothing in this blog about what your doing in your job to protect the people just attacking the other side.Do you protest too much?In the Caerphilly Observer all I read is what Ron Davies is actually doing for us.He attacks no one.

    Seems you are running out of steam Mr David.

  • Derek Havard

    Wayne David is quite right – where will Ron Davies go next? It amazes me that there are no Plaid nembers who feel able enough to follow Lindsay Whittle. There is a smack of desperation in Plaid's choice. Ron has made 'Independant' a dirty word in local politics [ask the people of BTM]. He has left the few people he persuaded to join 'Forward Wales'wondering 'What just happened?'.He now expects the people of Caerphilly [and the Welsh Nationalists] to forgive the past and trust him.

  • David Williams

    In all the years we've had a Labour MP and a Labour AM Caerphilly still has high unemployment, high levels of poverty and depravation, an unacceptable level of child poverty and suffers from a lack of investment to attract businesses. In 13 years of Government in Westminster and 11 years as the main party in the Assembly what does Labour do about it? Nothing, save for personal attacks on the opposition!

  • James Pritchard

    "I will give Ron six months, at the most, before he will be looking for new ’friends'".

    I believe Wayne David has hit the nail right on the head. His true assessment of the Plaid candidate has no doubt angered all the Plaid Cymru supporters on this page. It would seem that they are so desperate to win Caerphilly that they will stop at nothing if they thought it would do their chances any good. I must say they have made a stupid mistake in making Ron Davies their candidate for May's assembly election.

    As Wayne David and Derek Havard have pointed out, Ron has shifted his political allegiance so many times it is understandable that the people of Caerphilly are wondering where will Ron Davies go next?. This man has a track record of 'jumping ship'. What happened to Forward Wales who he set up with John Marek?. Oh yes thats right, they have disbanded. It is interesting that John Marek has since defected to the hated Tories and is their assembly candidate for Wrexham. Will Ron be tempted to follow his old mates lead and join the Tories after he is defeated in May? If I was running a book on it I would have him odds on considering recent form!!

    To Allan Pritchard I have these comments. If your going to attack Wayne David and Jeff Cuthbert please have the ability to back up your argument. If Wayne David and Jeff Cuthbert were as bad as you claim then surely they would have lost their seats by now. It gave me great pleasure to see Wayne David re-elected at the general election. I must say it was also quite satisfying to see Plaid Cymru relegated to THIRD PLACE!! behind the Tories and just ahead of the discredited Lib Dems. The Plaid Cymru arrogance is breathtaking considering their low level of support in the constituency.

  • David Williams

    Yet again more personal attacks from Labour but no policies. I am not a support of any political party, just a very disappointed resident of Caerphilly who sees nothing has been achieved for Caerphilly by our incumbent MP or AM.

  • AJRoberts

    Dear Editor.

    I have just read the blog in your paper from the Labour Mp for Caerphilly.I must say it was a load of rubbish.He seems a very bitter person to be attacking every one under the sun.his party ran the country for 13 years.And what a mess they left it in.This is the same man who had to pay back 14000 pounds he over claimed from the ratepayers.I am not, or have been, a member pf a political party just a floating voter.Wayne David should grow up,and stop the personal attacks on other people other wise it will seem thats all he is good for.

    Anthony Roberts.

  • Vera Jenkins

    Mr David, in your blog you state that Mr R Davies is a man of great principle. I would like to suggest that is why he left the labour party!

    As to where Mr Davies will go next, to the Assembly of course.

  • James Jones

    What a petty small minded post, is this truely what the party that gave us the NHS, the NCB and put the needs of working people at the heart of government has descended to?

    I would expect better debate from the 10 year olds in my school. Shame on you Wayne.

  • Lynne Hughes

    As someone who knows better than most about Ron’s political journey, I feel compelled to respond to this.

    My first response to reading the blog was anger, but after a few hours reflection the bitter taste that is left is one of deep disappointment. I had hoped that the Assembly election campaign in Caerphilly would be fiercely but cleanly fought. I hoped that it would be about the best policies for the people of Caerphilly and Wales.

    It is obvious from Wayne’s comments that the Labour Party in Caerphilly are not interested in having a mature political debate and are only interested in having a bash at Ron.

    I hope the good people of Caerphilly will ignore this smear campaign and vote for the best politician that Caerphilly has ever had and the Party that will always put their needs and those of Wales first.

    Vote Ron Davies and Vote Plaid Cymru on May 5th.

  • Richard Hill

    Just typical that Wayne David finds that he has to start a smear campaign against Ron Davies. He obviously fears that a clean campaign and allowing good old democracy won't be enough for Labour.

    Ron joined Plaid as he sees they are the only party to ensure the devolution of Government for Wales (of which he was one of the founders), may run to it's full potential and for the benefit of the people of Wales.

    What have Wayne David and Jeff Cuthbert given the people of Caerphilly – nothing..!!! They are just puppets of the English Labour Party, taking direction from London.

    Vote for Ron Davies and Plaid Cymru on May 5th – the only Caerphilly candidate with the interests of the people of Caerphilly and Wales in his heart.

  • Sarah Smith

    Dear Sir.

    I have just read the blog in your paper from the local labour MP from Caerphilly.I had hoped that his blog would provied the people with information why we should vote for his party,but what does he do, make personel remarks,this is not what the people of Wales want.This is a man who was forced to repay 14000 of ratepayers money which he was not entilted to.Come on Mr David give us your views but keep your personel views to your self.

    Sarah Smith.

  • Jeff Cuthbert

    I can understand why Wayne's blog has ruffled feathers and led to some rather strident comments. But there's nothing inaccurate in his statement.

    Ron Davies played a significant role in Caerphilly and Welsh politics from 1983 to 2003 but always as a Labour politician. And that's why so many people (including me) find it hard to reconcile what he said and did in his climb to the top and the views that he proclaims now. Ron was more "New Labour" than New Labour. I was one of many that worked with him all that time (indeed since before 1983) and now I'm an enemy.

    Always very critical of nationalism he wants now to represent them at the Assembly. But strangely Plaid in Caerphilly are not requiring him to join their Group on Caerphilly Council. So is there another deal underway? It's a bizarre situation whichever way you look at it.

  • Derek Havard

    Perhaps Plaid Councillor Lynne Hughes can explain to us in BTM why her Husband has not joined the Plaid Group on Caerphilly Council. Is it because he is ashamed after telling us all that he is 'truly Independent'.Or better still, he can tell us himself.

  • James Pritchard

    It really is incredible that the Plaid Cymru supporters on this page feel as if Ron Davies should be immune from any sort of criticism. How ridiculous it is to suggest that Labour are engaged in a "smear campaign". The above mentioned criticism of Ron Davies is legitimate and no attempt to tell lies or half-truths have been posted. I do recall on this website only a couple of months ago Ron Davies claiming that "Labour are in dissaray in Caerphilly". If this is his view (unfounded though it is) then so be it. It is worth mentioning however that there was not a flood of comments from Labour supporters suggesting that he was trying to smear the Labour Party. I suggest that the above comments arguing that Labour are embarking on a "smear campaign" are a nervous knee-jerk reaction in light of the fact that they are only too aware of the shortcomings of their candidate and are worried that they will resonate with the voters of Caerphilly.

  • Cllr Allan Pritchard

    Oh dear, the lightweight cavalry appear to have popped its head over the parapit in the shape of Jeff Cuthbert AM.

    It gets more like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza every day.

    Can we all get back to the real issues facing Wales and Caerphilly county borough instead of slinging mud pies in all directions.

    Allan Pritchard (not to be confused with the above)

  • Kim Deslandes

    It seems to me that Wayne David's blog hit a nerve and all the subsequent hot air from Plaid supporters missed the serious point implicit in it. i.e The people of Caerphilly deserve candidates who truly believe in the policies and arguments they put forward, and display a desire to serve rather than be self serving.

    Ron Davies' record since he left the Labour Party does not meet those pre-requisites and,therefore, his candidacy lacks any integrity. Plaid in Caerphilly must be in a bad way if the best they can do is to allow themselves to be used by Ron Davies for his own ends. Let me put it this way, if a rattlesnake was coming up your garden path saying to you " Trust me, I won't hurt you,I can help you" would you say "OK, come on in" or would you think "Wait a minute, I hear what he is saying but I know what rattlesnakes do and he is a rattlesnake" and then run inside and slam the door. I know what I'd do.

  • geriant

    i think its weird for the Ron supporters to bring up the expeces for Wayne. When Ron used to be an MP himself and as we know all MP's were involved in it for decades. I wonder how much Ron would have to pay back if his old expeces were give a nice close look at?

    As for the attacks on how labour left the country after 13 years

    unemployment down

    crime down

    number of police up

    better education

    better health service

    Not a bad legacy if you ask me.

    nothing was perfect but things were a lot better

    As for the state of the economy if its labours fault why are Ireland, America, grease and so many others in the same boat?? i know its become a tag line but it is a world wide problem that every party in this country is trying to pin on labour which is the very essence of a smear campaign agent them that they have bean enduring for mouths.

  • Derek Havard

    When Plaid Councillors say things like 'Oh Dear, the Opposition is so lightweight' or 'Ron is the ONLY real Candidate' it is what proper Politicians call 'Empty Rhetoric' and shows clearly, in this case, that Plaid is whistling in the dark. If Ron Davies wishes to seriously represent Caerphilly, why doesn't he, or his close confidants, tell us who he represents on CCBC. Is it 'Mudslinging' to expect honesty from someone who wishes to represent us? What is very clear is that they are beginning to get very nervous about their controversial decision to select him, and if they are so keen to talk 'Policies' why don't they start – and I don't mean the one that begins 'when we are an Independent Nation-'because we've heard that one.

  • David Smith.

    Dear Sir.
    I would like to responed to the comments made by mr D Havard.I think he is missing the point about what most people have wrote about the Mp for Caerphilly,and his blog in your paper.His blog was very negative.What people want from all mps and local people in politics Is what they have done.and what they hope to do in the future.We the voters are grown up people and will make up our own minds at election times.I think it is a big turn off when people use personel attacks on any other person,please stop this.
    David Smith.

  • Trefor Bond

    Wayne Davids blog clearly gives a resume of Ron Davies life since leaving the Labour Party,

    I think it is just a little disingenuous to ignore the fact that Ron Davies was and probably still is the most consumate politician Caerphilly has ever had, certainly in comtemporary political history.

    His political gains for Caerphilly cannot and should net be ignored.

    I agree with the comment that we should let the `best man win` at the may election, and that of course will be decided by the citizens of Caerphilly and not by the candidates. I feel that Waynes comments are unfair, and point towards not just a little concern that Ron Davies may use this coming election to reenter national politics. Who can Know?????

    Not Ron and not Wayne. Lets all try to keep it fair and keep it clean, from my experience both Wayne and Ron have always done that so, do it again. And let everyone calm down. it only politics after all.

  • Margaret Evans

    This just 'sour grapes' on behalf of Wayne David, because he threw away Rhondda – a safe Labour seat – to Plaid Cymru when he tried to get into the National Assembly of Wales. Nobody liked him there and people are going off him here rapidly as well.

    I was a life long Labour voter, until I read this venomous bile. I have been unable to attend meetings of the constituency party recently – due to illness- but a friend who does still go say's their canvassing returns have Ron Davies winning.

    Ron has done a lot for Caerphilly and although my dad would turn in his grave if he knew, I had decided to abandon the Party – I will not be voting Labour in May.

    Sorry Wayne, you did nothing for south Wales when you where in Brussels, nothing for Caerphilly when in Westminster and Jeff Cuthbert in invisible in Cardiff Bay. When Ron gets in, this town will be back on the map again.

  • Trefor Bond

    Who is the contributor Margaret Evans who posted a comment on March the 18th.?????

    She clearly has Ron in her sights. tell us more!!!!!