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Islwyn MP campaigns for Presumption of Death Act

Published in News on Tuesday September 6th, 2011. Last updated at 11:16


Islwyn MP Chris Evans has successfully lobbied the Justice Select Committee to hold an inquiry into the issues around the presumption of death act in England and Wales.

Mr Evans has been involved with the campaign since meeting Rachel Elias, sister of Blackwood musician Richey Edwards, who has been missing since 1997.

While co-chairing a parliamentary inquiry into missing people last month, Mr Evans heard from Rachel and others whose loved ones have gone missing.

During the inquiry, Mr Evans heard the arguments in support of the introduction of a presumption of death act and how it would make it easier to register a missing person as dead.

Without a death certificate, relatives of missing people are unable to administer their estate, claim life insurance or mortgage their house.

Mr Evans, who as a member of the Justice Select Committee will be part of the inquiry, said: “I am very pleased that the Justice Committee have agreed to discuss these important issues.

“A change in the law would go some way to sparing families the unnecessary financial and legal bureaucracy which families are forced to go through without a death certificate.”


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