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More than 70 fines issued by Caerphilly Council so far this year for littering and dog fouling

Published in News on Monday September 19th, 2011. Last updated at 15:00


Caerphilly County Borough Council has issued more than 70 fines this year to residents littering and not picking up their dog’s mess.

The fines of £75 were issued by council enforcement officers between April and August.

The council has said it is keen to target smokers who drop their cigarette butts in the street.

Cllr Rob Gough, cabinet member for public protection said: “Considerate smokers do not litter. It is worth remembering that a couple of cigarette ends dropped every day is the equivalent to emptying a full car ashtray onto the road each week.

“I would remind people that Fixed Penalty Notices of £75 can and will be issued to anyone caught dropping cigarette litter on the streets of Caerphilly County Borough.”


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