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Tour of Britain boosts Caerphilly town economy by £300,000

Published in News on Tuesday September 20th, 2011. Last updated at 09:00


The Tour of Britain was worth an estimated £300,000 to the Caerphilly town economy

The Tour of Britain was worth an estimated £300,000 to the Caerphilly town economy

The finale of stage four of the Tour of Britain cycle race held in Caerphilly town boosted the local economy by £300,000.

Caerphilly County Borough Council has come up with the estimate and has said the extra media coverage the race brought to the town could also lead to a major increase in future visitors.

Last Wednesday’s race saw hundreds of people line the streets of the county borough to watch 96 of the world’s best cyclists.

Cllr Allan Pritchard, leader of the council said: “The event gave the county borough a very high profile and we were delighted with the outcome.

“The stage was declared an amazing success by all of the partners involved and it was fantastic to see the level of support from the community all along the route – especially on Caerphilly Mountain and down at the finishing line.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Caerphilly is now well placed on the major events map in Wales, the UK and beyond. We can truly claim international recognition as a destination not to be missed. I’d like to thank everyone who got involved and helped make this a superb success.”

The Chief Executive of Tour of Britain Huw Jenkins added: “This was a fantastic day for cycling and the reception by Caerphilly was the best the tour has received to date.”


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  • Arthur

    This is very good news from the Council.

    If I were a trader in the area I would dispute the Council`s calculations and seek clarity on them, unless of course I shared in that new found prosperity.

    Let`s hope for the sake of clarity the Council`s calculators are working properly.

    But to the event itself, that was an already tried and tested event throughout the UK and its success is assured wherever it goes.That not to take anything away from the officers of the Council who work very hard on such matters.

    Where was the Borough Mayor though? I for one don`t want to see a political Leader looking out at me from the podium, taking credit for events, we have a first citizen in the form of a MAYOR who`s role is well defined and well financed

    to do that. In Caerphilly it is she who represents ALL the citizens of the borough on such occassions.

  • johnowen

    So OK, wheres my share of the £300,000 that the Tour of Britain Cycle Race has generated for the economy of Caerphilly?. Living in the town centre, all I had was disruption and roads closed, which meant that to go anyway I had to go on a longer route and use more petrol. I have no objection to the Tour of Britain, but not running a shop or cafe, I dont see how events like this benefit the ordinary person in the town.

  • Simon

    The Mayor was in attendance at the finish line. Had a chat, lovely atmosphere and good crowds.

  • Andrew

    Agree Simon, the mayor even presented one of the jerseys.
    The tour was a great event in my opinion and by all the people in attendance. Bringing crowds and people out to an event which they would never usually come to see, and hopefully attracting youngsters to take up a sport which is beneficial to health and society.

    Even fans of the tour of britain who didnt attend the race said how great an event it was just from watching on TV.

    And anyone that was delayed half hour, am sure there was plenty of warnings along the route of possible delays, maybe should stop complaining about an extra 20p of petrol you used to go around them, and start walking or get a bike. You dont hear me complaining when the big cheese is on, and I have to walk around it to go to the pub.