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Stamp out bullying, says Labour AM

Published in News on Thursday November 17th, 2011. Last updated at 12:00


Caerphilly AM Jeff Cuthbert.

Caerphilly AM Jeff Cuthbert is supporting a campaign to stamp out bullying in schools.

The Labour politician is supporting anti-bullying week and said: “One case of bullying is a case too many. I know that pupils, staff and parents are working hard to eradicate it but unfortunately it still goes on.

“Obviously, the huge popularity of social media with youngsters means cyberbullying has become a growing problem. Parents, staff and governors need to be aware of new technologies and try and promote safe usage both at home and school.

“Anti-bullying week is an opportunity for students, professionals and parents to get together and share experiences that will help them deal with and understand bullying. We must all spread the message that it has no place in our schools.”

Throughout this week, pupils and parents will be involved in a host of activities to raise awareness about bullying and discuss the best ways to tackle it.


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