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St Cenydd School pupils take pride in their environment!

Published in News on Friday November 25th, 2011. Last updated at 13:00


Pupils from St Cenydd School in Trecenydd are joining forces to tackle litter in and around their school, having received grant funding for a special project.

The ‘Litterbug Club’ project was inspired by the enthusiasm and imagination of pupils and has been supported by a Tidy Towns initiative grant from the Welsh Government – the money has enabled the school to purchase branded ‘Litterbug’ bins.

Pupils from the school will regularly volunteer to improve their school environment by taking part in litter picks in the school. All students will also be asked to sign a pledge that they won’t litter in any public or school area as part of the project.

Cllr Lyn Ackerman, cabinet member for public services said: “I am delighted that St Cenydd School pupils have shown so much enthusiasm in helping to make their school environment an even cleaner and greener place”.

She continued, “The school is really making strides in helping to tackle the serious environmental issue of littering, and I am hopeful that others will also take up the challenge, and show that here in Caerphilly County Borough we really do have pride in our place.”

Ian Kilcoyne, headteacher at St Cenydd School, said: “At St Cenydd we are very proud of our school, and part of that pride is ensuring that pupils really do look after and help improve the environment through projects such as the Litterbug Club.”


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  • Richard Williams

    This is a good initiative that will, hopefully, instil the lifelong habit of disposing of litter properly. The council fights a losing battle against the thoughtless people who throw litter from cars, leave the rotting remains of take-aways in the street and leave bottles and cans festooned around the town. In America schools adopt roads and regularly clean tthe roadside of litter. Signs proudly indicate which school does the work. Would a good thing in Caerffili too but, like many good things, would probably have somebody condeming it on 'Health & Safety' grounds.

  • Huw Lewis

    This is fantastic! As the team leader for the parks staff in Morgan Jones Park, it saddens me to say that nearly every day of each week, we fill two or more bags with litter that has been dropped on the floor in Morgan Jones Park alone! This not only looks unsightly, but is also a drain on public resources and our time which could be better spent on improving the quality of the park and it's facilities. I can only hope that the enthusiasm of these pupils will now spread beyond the school gates and into the surrounding community and county! Keep up the good work!