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New £5m Ystrad Mynach College building opened

Published in News on Monday October 25th, 2010. Last updated at 08:19


The new building at Ystrad Mynach College

The new building at Ystrad Mynach College

A new £5million extension at Ystrad Mynach college has been opened.

Leighton Andrews, Assembly Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning, opened the new building on Friday.

The block has 13 classrooms, a new library, improved catering facilities and public areas for students, exhibitions, competitions and public events, providing the college with some much-needed space for its 15,000 students.

The new block has achieved a BREEAM (BR Environmental Assessment Method) excellence rating for its green technology.

It includes a biomass boiler to heat the college, natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting and a green roof.

The development has been funded as part of a £50million investment project by the Welsh Assembly Government to improve facilities of colleges in Wales.


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