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Energlyn train station back on transport agenda

Published in News on Monday January 30th, 2012. Last updated at 09:00


Caerphilly looks set to have a new train station at Energlyn – despite the project being ditched almost a year ago.

In March 2011 the Welsh Government, then a coalition between Plaid and Labour, dropped plans for the station blaming spending cuts by the UK Government.

However, the project is now a priority in the Welsh Government’s National Transport Plan.

The new train station, which will lie between Aber and Llanbradach, is due to be constructed within the next three years.

Assembly Members Jeff Cuthbert and Lindsay Whittle have both welcomed the news.

Mr Whittle, Plaid AM for South Wales East, who also represents Penyreheol on Caerphilly Council, said: “A railway station has been promised at Energlyn as far back as 2001 and I would be delighted if progress is now being made.

“I’m sure the station would be extremely popular among residents in Energlyn, Churchill Park and Penyrheol and encourage more travellers to leave their cars at home and let the train take the strain.

“There must also be very careful consideration of the parking and traffic implications for residents living in Llwyn Onn Street and Llwyn Onn Close.”

Network Rail is holding a public exhibition showing off the plans on February 9.

The drop-in event will be held between 4pm and 8pm at Plasyfelin Primary School, Lewis Drive, in Churchill Park.

The event will provide an opportunity for the community to give their feedback on the proposed work and speak to Network Rail and Arriva Trains Wales.

Labour’s Caerphilly AM Mr Cuthbert said: “I welcome the news that Network Rail Wales is holding a public exhibition about the proposals for a new station at Energlyn. This station has been a long time coming, and I would encourage as many local people as possible to attend. It’s certainly a step forward.

“I was concerned when the previous Plaid Cymru Transport Minister delayed the construction of the new station last year. However, I’m confident that plans for Energlyn station are now back on track thanks to the Labour Welsh Government.”

A spokesman for the Welsh Government said: “The Minister with responsibility for Transport is committed to creating a modern and efficient rail system in Wales that will enable our communities to have the choice of accessing a high quality yet affordable rail system.

“A new station at Energlyn is included in the National Transport Plan and is prioritised to commence construction between 2012 and 2015.”

View Proposed location for new Energlyn Train Station in a larger map


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  • johnowen

    Its about time we need an itergrated transport system in the area, the original staion closed over a hunded years ago, but its in the wrong position, half a mile or so north, you could have access off the A469, use the old Energlyn sidings as a park and ride and avoid traffic problems for residents.

  • clive betts

    The previous station was near Llanbradach, which explains why it was closed.

  • johnowen

    No the previous station was at Energlyn justto the north of the existing railway brudge on Heol Pwllypant.

  • Henry

    It’s not a new “train station”! It’s a new “Railway Station”!

    “train station” incorrect English! “Railway Station” correct English! I know you're in Wales, but if you're going to publish articles in England then you should not be making these mistakes