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Plaid AM presses case for Valleys rail electrification

Published in News on Monday February 13th, 2012. Last updated at 13:00


Plaid Cymru AM Lindsay Whittle has pressed the case for electrification of the Valleys rail network.

The South Wales East AM quizzed Transport Minister Carl Sargeant during a debate in the Senedd.

Lindsay Whittle called on the Minister to lead an all-party group of Assembly members to lobby the UK Transport Secretary.

Lindsay Whittle said that he first heard the issue raised in 1968 by former Plaid President and MP Gwynfor Evans.

“If we have to wait as long again for any action, I will be 102 years old,” he declared

The Minister said he had already been to see the Secretary of State for Transport about the issue.

He said: “I have made the case and have offered to have further discussions with her to provide any further information that she may need.

“I support the Member and colleagues across the Chamber with regard to establishing a cross-party group; this will help those who make these decisions to understand the significance of the electrification of all of the services that I referred to earlier and will take this forward in a positive way.”


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  • john owen

    If I had a pound for every time a poltician promised electrification of the Valley lines, I`d be rich.