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Car key theft warning for Bargoed area

Published in News on Thursday February 23rd, 2012. Last updated at 11:00


Residents need to be more vigilant with their home security and car keys, say police, after an increase in thieves breaking into a house to steal the vehicle parked outside.

Gwent Police have said that in the last week three burglaries have taken place in the Gilfach and Tir-Y-Berth area – twice vehicles were stolen after keys were taken.

Sergeant Nic Mancino, from the Bargoed Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “Keep your vehicle keys in a safe place, even in your home, so that someone breaking in cannot steal your vehicle too.

“Do not leave them near your front door on a hall stand or telephone table and always remove keys from your vehicle, even when leaving it for a very short period such as when popping into a newsagent or de-icing your car. Residents also need to take on board the simple advice – lock all windows and doors.

“We are currently investigating these crimes, but if anyone has any information on these crimes or would like to report any suspicious activity, contact Gwent Police on 101.”

  • To find out what is happening in your neighbourhood and more about your local Neighbourhood Policing Team visit www.gwent.police.uk and enter your postcode.
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