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What are your M4 problems? Asks Welsh Government

Published in News at 16:00, Monday March 5th, 2012.


Motorists are being urged to email their thoughts on the M4 as part of a public consultation by the Welsh Government.

It wants to find out what improvements it can make as part of its M4 Corridor Enhancement Measures consultation.

Caerphilly AM Jeff Cuthbert is encouraging residents in the constituency to email him their M4 woes.

He said: “The M4 is crucial to the economy of the Valleys and I know that many living in the Caerphilly area use it regularly, if not daily.

“Now is the time for you to have your say and as your local representative I would be grateful if you do make a submission, that you send a copy to me at [email protected] so that I too know your views.”

The public will be able to see the consultation document and response form at www.wales.gov.uk/consultations from Tuesday March 6 until it closes on 6 June.

A copy of the Welsh Government leaflet and more details can be found at www.m4cem.com and the website also has details of workshops and drop-in exhibitions which will be held throughout March and April.

Meanwhile, First Minister Carwyn Jones has said he wants the Welsh Government to take control of the Severn Bridges once the contract to run them by private company Severn River Crossing ends in 2017.

Speaking during a recent press conference, Mr Jones said the move could make millions for the Welsh economy and lead to lower tolls.

He said: “It’s no secret we would like to come to an arrangement regarding the Severn Bridges when the contract runs out with the present private provider. We believe it would create a revenue stream for the Welsh Government and be possible to reduce to the tolls – while at the same time being able to maintain the bridges.

“It’s important because it helps to create a revenue stream against which we could look to borrow in the future. We couldn’t remove the tolls, but we could reduce them.”


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  • Phil Evans

    Following announcement re Brynglas Tunnels pinch point, the Assembly Government should make a quick decision instead of trying to maintain it's reputation of not being able to come to a decision on something that seems a little tricky.
    Don't sit om it.
    Decide (1) if improvements should go ahead (2) Decide which option (3) Go ahead remembering the longer you dither yje more it will cost by the time you finally decide there is no option but to proceed.