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Council leader urges Caerphilly residents to give Plaid four more years

Published in News at 15:45, Friday March 23rd, 2012.


The Plaid Cymru leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council has urged the public to give the party four more years in local government.

Councillor Allan Pritchard, leader of the council, told Plaid’s spring conference in Ffos Las, Carmarthenshire: “I’m immensely proud of what has been achieved.

“One of key priorities has been to help families and individuals in these difficult financial times. Energy, food and fuel bills have been rocketing while job insecurity has grown and council tax is a significant part of the monthly household budget.

“That is why we decided to peg council tax for the last two years. We felt residents needed support and over four years the increase on the Band D rate has been the lowest in Wales and thanks to the Plaid led Caerphilly council, we now has the lowest council tax level of any of the South Wales Valley authorities.

“While we have kept bills down by tackling issues such as the number of senior managers and bureaucracy in general, we have also ensured that excellent frontline services have been maintained.
“This is not a Westminster election or one for the National Assembly, it is one about who can run your local services better. I hope the public will look at our record and give Plaid four more years in control of Caerphilly.”

Cllr Pritchard listed the opening of new libraries in Bargoed, Risca and Blackwood, the introduction of a training scheme for youngsters and the regeneration of town centres as some of Plaid’s achievements while in power in Caerphilly County Borough.

He also outlined some of Plaid’s plans for the future including spending £92m on schools, £19m on roads and new libraries for Abercarn and Caerphilly town.


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  • Helen

    There is no new library in Blackwood and Caerphilly having a new library is hardly a future plan. Any fool can freeze council tax when you offload services and triple stealth taxes on burials.

    I guess doing less for the same, didn't make for such nice PR. As Plaid in Caerphilly seem to be the council of spin.

  • Trefor Bond

    The Caerphilly Plaid Cymru Council have indeed decided that the Caerphilly Town WILL get a new library, but, how it is financed, where the actual money is coming from, is still, unfortunatly, a mystery.

    Lets hope it is not from a PFI sort of arrangement with the developer, ( It has been decided the citizens of the Borough will not own it) such PFI arrangement cause future generations to continue to pay, year on year, millions of pounds for something worth much much less.

  • john owen

    I was a member of Plaid Cymru forty years ago, when people like the poet Harri Webb was a member, and he said winning elections is easy, sort out people`s drains, do that and they`ll vote for you. I`m not a member now and my drains are OK, however my problem is parking in the centre of Caerphilly, I`ve a residents permit but find it hard to park because non residents , including taxis, fill up all the available spaces; So please sort out the parking problem because youll get my vote and by employing parking wardens you`ll reduce the unemployment rate, its a win win situation.