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Caerphilly gains further investment with transport grant

Published in News on Friday March 30th, 2012. Last updated at 10:00


Hundreds of thousands of pounds will be invested into Caerphilly’s roads.

The Labour Welsh Government revealed today that more than £11million of additional funding has been made available for the Transport Grant Settlement 2012-13.

Of that £668,000 will go to the Greater Bargoed Community Regeneration Road Scheme and £99,000 being awarded towards improvements of the Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Highway.

Jeff Cuthbert AM said he was delighted with further investment in the area.

“March has been a very good month for the Caerphilly constituency with the area being awarded over a million of Welsh Government funding for grants to improve transport, libraries and community centres to name a few.

“I’m extremely pleased to see this further investment which compliments the new hospital and Bargoed regeneration, both of which were also Welsh Government funded initiatives,” he added.

Minister for Local Government and Communities Carl Sargent said: “It is important that schemes progress and are completed in order to assist with our broader strategic objectives of economic regeneration through stimulation of the local economy.


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  • Trefor Bond

    This is good news for the Caerphilly CBC due to the award of this money for borough project.

    Can anyone from Caerphilly county borough Council, particularly any election candidates in next months Council Elections, tell us how much of this money is finding its way south of Ystrad Mynach? Millions I hope!!!!

  • Helen

    I didn't realise the borough started south of Ystrad of Mynach. I wonder, just how wide it is or is it perhaps self-contained in Trefors back yard.

  • Trefor Bond

    Helen misses my point of proportionality when it comes to spending by Plaid Cymru on pet sycophantic projects which they think buys them votes.

    Caerphilly basin contains the highest proportion of elected Plaid Cymru members anywhere in Wales, and for this reason they feel they do not have to proportion money and grants to Caerphilly, work it out!!!!!.