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United Welsh tenants launch food co-operative

Published in News on Monday April 9th, 2012. Last updated at 15:00


Housing association United Welsh has helped launch four fruit and veg co-operatives with its tenants.

The fruit and veg co-ops have been organised through social enterprise Rural Regeneration Unit.

The co-ops are local community ‘markets’ where customers can buy locally-produced fresh fruit, salad and vegetables on a weekly basis at cheaper wholesale prices.

The groups are run by volunteers who look after everything from ordering, running the books and delivering the ordered produce to the customers.

Four successful groups in Blaenau Gwent and Caerphilly with three more to follow shortly have been set up by United Welsh tenants.

Plas Hyfryd a ‘Housing with Care’ Scheme in Caerphilly recently launched their co-op with volunteer residents Dougie and Shirley at the helm.

The successful launch saw residents of the Living + housing scheme snap up 33 bags of fresh fruit and vegetables as they strive to get their whole community eating healthy fresh produce.

The service is being run as part of their weekly coffee mornings in order to reach as many of the residents as possible.

Hannah James, from the Rural Regeneration Unit, said: “The co-op’s aim is to provide fresh affordable produce to all.”

Jo Green Head of Living+ at United Welsh added: “The reaction of Living + residents to the fruit & veg co-operatives has been outstanding.

“The Living+ communities have taken ownership of delivering this healthy eating initiative to their community which will help change lives; having an impact on both food bills and their health. United Welsh are proud to support such initiatives and look forward to seeing many more.”


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