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Police officers promise ‘zero tolerance’ on youths at Croespenmaen playing fields

Published in News at 09:00, Wednesday April 25th, 2012.


Gwent Police have promised a “zero tolerance” approach to antisocial behaviour from youths hanging around Croespenmaen playing fields.

Officers have said they aim to target underage drinkers through patrols around the playing fields and aim to use the fields’ status as a no drinking zone to confiscate alcohol.

Jason Harris, Police Community Support Officer, said: “Our intention is to intervene at an early stage to prevent further issues and provide support through a multi-agency approach.

“We’ll be targeting individuals under the age of 18 who are drinking unsupervised in public places to reduce the impact of alcohol related crime and disorder on residents within our communities.

“We want to remind people that officers will take strong enforcement action to tackle this behaviour in Risca, in particular using powers to remove persons under 16 to a place of safety.”


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  • Trefor Bond

    This is good news for the that community.

    I wonder,Will the same attention be paid by Gwent Police in Caerphilly, to the Castle Grounds in Caerphilly Town, which regularly turns itself into a `BEER GARDEN` for drinkers generally banned from local pubs and underage drinkers, people have to run the gauntlet of these illegal drinkers day in day out during the summer, and on fine days in the winter, the Gwent Police say, "this is a `small` problem", and not something they intend to very much about.

  • Richard Williams

    I am glad to hear Police will enforce the law in this area. Hopefully they might do the same in the grounds of Caerffili Castle and the Morgan Jones park. Both these areas have a long history of underage, open air drinking.

    Despite complaints from the public I have seen no improvement.