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Islwyn MP says microchipping is not enough to stop dangerous dogs

Published in News at 10:26, Friday April 27th, 2012.


Microchipping puppies does not do enough to address the problem of dangerous dogs, Islwyn MP Chris Evans has said.

The UK Government has announced plans that puppies will be microchipped at the point of sale.

The Welsh Government is also looking at similar proposals.

The Labour MP has first hand experience of a dog attack after being bitten while out campaigning in Blackwood in October 2010.

Mr Evans said: “When I visited Battersea Dogs Home earlier this year I saw hundreds of dogs without a microchip who had been abandoned by their owners.

“It is no good the Government microchipping puppies when stray dogs that have been abandoned are neglected with no hope of the owners being traced.

“Unless the government takes urgent action and goes further than simply microchipping puppies, I am seriously concerned that many more will join the 6,000 people last year who were victims of dog attacks.”


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  • Steve M

    The micro-chipping of dogs is a complete waste of time. Responsible dog owners already do so. In the past there was a law requiring dog owners to have a licence. That was subsequently dropped because it became clear that the authorities could not police it. This is no different.

    In the majority of cases, dogs only become dangerous as a result of poor and/or irresponsible ownership and breeding. And the only way to tackle the problem of dangerous dogs effectively is to target these two things.

    Breeding dogs is a real skill and should only be done by those who know what they're doing. Unfortunately, the law as it is means that anyone can be a 'hobby breeder'. And while there are people stupid enough to purchase dogs from places like the Free Ads, there will always be puppy farms and hobby breeders looking to make a quick buck.