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Caerphilly and District Twinning Association to stage photographic exhibition

Published in News on Thursday May 10th, 2012. Last updated at 13:00


Everyday life in Wales and Brittany is to be showcased in a photographic exhibition at Caerphilly’s Tourist Information Centre next month.

Staged by Caerphilly and District Twinning Association, the exhibition ‘Glances at Brittany and Wales’ focuses on life in the two areas over a century from 1850.

The exhibition marks 20 years of twinning between Caerphilly and Lannion in Brittany.

John Reardon, who chairs the twinning association said: “The photographic images in the exhibition highlight the differences and similarities in daily life between the two regions during the period, and give an exciting glimpse of what life was like.

“It was originally staged in Lannion last summer, and we are delighted that representatives from Lannion will be in attendance for the official opening in Caerphilly on Saturday, June 2.”

The exhibition will run until June 10, between 10am and 4pm daily. Admission is free.

For more information visit www.caerphillytwinning.org.uk


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