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Caerphilly Castle to host Cultural Olympiad arts festival

Published in News on Friday May 18th, 2012. Last updated at 16:00


Welsh Culture Minister and ‘Moat Hag’ at the launch Cadw’s Cauldrons & Furnaces arts project, which welcome the Cultural Olympiad to Wales

Caerphilly Castle is to host an arts festival this summer as part of the Cultural Olympiad.

Awen, a three-day arts festival celebrating the “poetic inspiration” of Caerphilly, will be held between Wednesday July 11 and Friday July 13 from 6.30pm to 9pm.

Taking its name from the Welsh for for ‘(poetic) inspiration’, the festival is one of eight ‘Cauldrons and Furnaces’ events taking place in Cadw buildings.

Clare Williams, the creative events programmer of ‘Cauldrons and Furnaces’, said: “We’re really looking forward to what is set to be an outstanding event – capturing the diverse skills of the young people and the artists who inspire them.

“This project has been three years in the making and artworks created will animate the castle and make the visitor look at Caerphilly Castle in a completely new way. A huge amount of work has gone into this Cauldrons and Furnaces performance and it will be a fantastic opportunity for people to not only come and see their local Cadw heritage site brought to life, but also some brilliant up-and-coming local young talent.”

David Chamberlain of Caerphilly Borough Council’s arts development team, which is delivering the event for ‘Cauldrons and Furnaces’, said: “It’s wonderful to see so many youngsters involved and so inspired by the project. I am extremely proud and excited by the quality and creativity of the work, and even more so that it’s been inspired by our local heritage.

“Caerphilly is delighted to be part of these magnificent Olympic celebrations, it’s a fantastic opportunity for us and all the participants involved.”

Youngsters from St Martin’s School will be taking part in the festival.

Pupil Lewis Reed, 17, said: “Taking part in Cauldrons and Furnaces in Caerphilly Castle makes me part of Welsh history.

“Knowing that I am seeing the same sunrises and sunsets as kings of the Middle-Ages is utterly astonishing. This is a fabulous project and one I’m really proud to be part of.”

Free tickets for Awen are available from Blackwood Miners’ Institute and Caerphilly’s Tourist Information Centre at www.blackwoodminersinstitute.com and www.visitcaerphilly.com.

Alternatively please call 01495 227 206.


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  • johnowen

    Why do we have to aattch an Arts Festival to the Olympics?, and why do we have to have the Olympic Torch carried through Caerphilly. The "history" of the torch goes back to the Nazi Berlin Games of 1936, when it was seen as carrying the spirit of the Aryan race from Greece to Germany. My father was killed in 1945, fighting the Nazis, and I feel it offensive to see a Nazi symbol paraded through my town.

  • Rob Roffe

    Dear me John, do you ever see the positives in anything?

  • johnowen

    Despite having grown up in poverty in a single parent family in the 1940s and 50s, as a direct result of the Nazi attempt to dominate Europe, and being bullied, for not having a father, in Grammar School, I think I`ve overcome my problems very well,and ahve a very positive view of the world, but I`m still the boy who can see when the Emperor isnt wearing any clothes. All that it takes for evil to succeed is good men do nothing.

  • Cllr. Richard Willia

    I finally relinquished any interest in the Olympics (which I used to enjoy) when I heard that all Welsh and English beers are banned from the games because Heineken has bought sole rights. Brewing is one of the very few manufacturing success stories in Britain, with many small breweries being opened. We even have one in Caerffili, Newmans, which makes some excellent beer. The reason, I presume, that the games move every four years is for people from around the world to visit the host country and enjoy the hospitality and typical produce of that nation.

    If other people want to celebrate this crass, money grubbing, event that is up to them. I would prefer to spend my money on some home grown products, beer included. Cheers!