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Caerphilly Council leader Lindsay Whittle’s blog: May 4

Published in Comment, News on Wednesday May 4th, 2011. Last updated at 13:00


In his regular blog for Caerphilly Observer, Caerphilly Council leader Lindsay Whittle gives his take on recent news.

Lindsay Whittle, Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Lindsay Whittle, Leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Welsh Assembly Election

I have been involved in politics in Caerphilly since I was 15 and was lucky to help Dr Phil Williams in an exciting by-election in 1968.

I have now achieved the office of Leader of Council and work with some very dedicated councillors.

None more so than Ron Davies who is seeking a return to national office in our unique National Assembly of Wales – a man whose vision helped to create this young institution.

I passionately believe that many people in our valleys now want that institution to move further forward. The recent YES vote in the referendum proved that.

By voting for Ron Davies and Plaid Cymru we will have the most experienced politician representing our area.

A man of commitment, dedication and foresight. We will need these attributes to move our country forward in these most difficult of times.

We cannot just wait for Westminster we must start to act for ourselves in more visionary fashion. That’s why I am voting for Ron Davies. Caerphilly needs his talent.

What’s more encouraging is, that is the clear message on the thousands of doorsteps we have already knocked. Not only am I excited, but it’s clear many of my neighbours friends, family and the general public share that excitement.

Good politicians inspire ambition. We as a people need that ambition. We need Ron Davies to be our representative for the next five years to stand up and speak loud and clear for the all the people of Caerphilly.

I am confident he will do just that, with your confidence.

Oh, and by the way, I am standing for Plaid on the South East Wales regional list so may even join Ron at the Assembly. But let’s talk about that next time.


In his last blog for the Caerphilly Observer, Wayne David talked about the importance of personality during an attack on Ron Davies.

I’d like to ask what sort of personality goes around the county borough removing placards of a political opponent? Is this what we should expect from the man who serves Caerphilly as its MP? I’ll let readers judge.


I’m campaigning for an end to fly tipping on Eglwysilan and Nelson Common.

Lorry loads of rubbish have been tipped there recently and I have arranged for council bulldozers to remove it.

Also, we have arranged special measures to keep an eye out for further illegal tipping there. Anyone involved in this anti-social behaviour can expect a hefty fine if they are caught.

Lindsay Whittle
Plaid Cymru leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council and regional Assembly candidate for South Wales East


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  • Dave Pilgrim

    Of course the National Assembly in Wales is unique,Mr Whittle, there's only one Wales!I'm glad that Ron Davies's role has been diluted a little to helping to create the Assembly rather than the hubris served up in his recent propaganda, claiming all the credit was his.Still its nice to see our Council Leader and Prospective Assembly Member displaying such astute and insightful observations.

    Good luck with trapping the flytippers, though. The mind boggles when nobody sees lorryloads of waste being tipped.