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Gwent Police stop 22,000 vehicles in crackdown on metal theft

Published in News at 17:00, Friday August 17th, 2012.


Almost 22,000 vehicles have been stopped by Gwent Police since April 2011 in an operation to crackdown on metal thieves.

About 70 van-loads of scrap metal have also been seized by officers in the16-month period.

Since the operation was launched in Gwent, officers have worked with other agencies and partners including VOSA, Department of Work and Pensions, British Transport Police, the Environment Agency, and several of the energy and utility companies.

The following has been achieved:

  • 862 people arrested in connection with metal theft offences
  • 761 people reported for summons
  • 21,942 vehicles stopped
  • 8,628 people stopped/searched
  • 283 people referred to the Department of Work and Pensions
  • Two scrap yards closed down
  • 1,471 vehicles seized
  • 2,604 Fixed Penalty Notices issued
  • 61 stolen vehicles recovered

Chief Inspector Glyn Fernquest, who is leading the operation in Gwent, said: “The force is making real progress in tackling this criminality and the fact that other forces are now adopting methods we have used to tackle metal thieves is testament to the skill and determination of our officers and our partner agencies.

“As well as taking action against illegal activity, we have gathered a large amount of intelligence that will help us target people associated with metal thefts in Gwent.

“This operation demonstrates what can be achieved when partner agencies come together and the results send out a strong message to criminals.”

Anyone who has any information about metal thefts, or those involved in this criminality, to call 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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  • J

    Is this Gwent police's attempt to justify where our taxes GO? I think not

  • Clive Elsbury

    In reply to 'J' who obviously wishes to remain anonymous, please realise that the metal thefts are costing tax payers a fortune. Please check : –

  • Trefor Bond

    All the action of Gwent Police is, I suppose, proportionate, they would, after all, be guilty of misconduct if it were anything else.

    It does come as some surprise that such enormous amounts of man power, time and effort is being used up by Gwent Police and the other statutory Authorities mentioned in the article to supervise the collection and disposal of scrap metal, even considering much of it is stolen, whilst, at the same time Gwent police have an unapprehended maniac roaming the streets of the Caerphilly County area with shotguns and who is willing to use those guns on defenceless animals, horses, dogs and such like, prepared also to break into houses and hold the occupants at gunpoint whilst robbing them and seriously assaulting them, whilst limiting the efforts into solving those crimes.