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KFC to open restaurant in Caerphilly

Published in News at 13:13, Wednesday September 19th, 2012.


Fast food chain KFC has confirmed it will be opening one of its restaurants in Caerphilly.

The new drive through branch is scheduled to open on Crossways Retail Park in early 2013 on the site of the former Jupiter Furniture store. Forty new jobs will be created – although it is unclear how many of those will be part-time.

A spokeswoman for KFC said: “We’re delighted to announce that we will be opening a KFC in Caerphilly in early 2013 at Crossways Retail Park, creating 40 career opportunities in the area, and we’re looking forward to welcoming local residents to the restaurant.”

Cardiff-based Trojan Construction has announced it has been awarded the contract to build the new outlet.

A statement on its website reveals: “We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded our third new build KFC contract of 2012.

“Works are due to commence on October 3 to construct a new drive through KFC restaurant at the site of the former Jupiter Furniture Store at Crossways Retail Park, Caerphilly. Works are anticipated to take 23 weeks to complete.”

Crossways Retail Park already has a McDonald’s and a Pizza Hut alongside a traditional burger van in the car park of B&Q.


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  • clive

    Thanks for the jobs, but this is yet another reason to go to the town centre !

  • Arthur

    Why would this be a reason to go to the town centre?????, baffling remark!!! Where in the town centre would anyone get a KFC??

    For anyone who enjoys KFC this out of town development is the place to go, surely????

  • Chris Jenkins

    This is fantastic news!!!

  • Clayton

    Great news on the jobs, as for the town centre, with it's reliance on betting and charity shops, as turned it into a dive, the bottom part's ok though.

  • Sarah B

    Good news onn the job front for Caerphilly! Why on earth can't we have some decent retail stores on crossways eg. Next, Tk Max,Matalan. Surely the council must realise what potential there is for caerphilly by looking how successful it has been for Talbot Green and Merthyr. It would be nice to see caerphilly offer more than the charity and betting shops..Most of all create jobs for local people !

  • marc williams

    Excellent news on the job front.. but surely its time for a burger king! We have hardly any in the south wales area. This needs to change.

  • Chris jenkins

    KFC will be coming soon. Trojan construction are building this restaurant at great speed.

  • Katy

    How do you apply for a job at KFC??

  • Lauren

    How can I apply?

  • Elle Harris

    Its opining on monday and im going their on monday :)

  • david

    opening times need to be shown. enjoyed last meal there nice to swap drink for extra chips in the meal deal. prices are not bad.