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From Abercarn to Kollywood – DVD manufacturer Dischromatics making a name for itself with Indian cinema

Published in News at 11:21, Wednesday October 10th, 2012.


A scene from the film Singam – a multimillion pound grossing action film

A scene from the film Singam – a multimillion pound grossing action film

Abercarn Industrial Estate may not be the most glamorous of settings for the international movie industry, but one firm based there is making a name for itself in Kollywood.

Family company Dischromatics, which specialises in CD, DVD and Blu-ray duplication, is at the centre of a distribution chain of the latest Indian box office smash hits.

For the last ten years the company has been manufacturing DVDs, and more recently Blu-ray discs, for Ayngaran International – one of the top companies in the Tamil film industry, dubbed Kollywood.

Mumbai (or Bombay as it was once known) has the famous Bollywood films, shot in the Hindu language, while Kollywood refers to Tamil-language films made in the Kodambakkam district of Chennai city.

The colourful, vibrant, and energetic films get to be seen by international audiences thanks to Abercarn-based Dischromatics which mass produces the discs on behalf of film producers.

Managing Director Gareth Spencer said: “We always look forward to receiving an order from Ayngaran as we love taking a look at the films.

“We might not always know exactly what’s going on because of the language barrier, but the sheer spectacle of hundreds of dancers in unison wearing bright colours is always worth watching.

“Ayngaran International is typical of the diverse nature of our business. From start-up musicians wanting professional CDs made to international film studios – we’re certainly never bored.”

Charles Devdas, Production Manager at Ayngaran, said: “For over 10 years Ayngaran International has used Dischromatics’ services for our productions of audio CDs and numerous film releases on DVD, and more recently, Blu-ray discs.

“They have always provided us with a high-quality product and great service, assisting us with artwork when required and meeting even the tightest of deadlines.

“In our industry, it is vital for us to have a supplier we can rely on and our relationship with Dischromatics has been built on the trust gained from working together on the production of nearly 400 titles.

“We look forward to working with Dischromatics again wherever possible and would always recommend their services to others.”


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