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32-year-old man arrested after Abertridwr car crash

Published in News at 15:44, Tuesday October 30th, 2012. Last updated at 17:57, Tuesday October 30th, 2012


Police have arrested a 32-year-old man in connection with a car crash in Abertridwr.

The smash happened at around 2.35pm today (Tuesday October 30) on Graig-Y-Fedw.

A Renault Megane, travelling in the direction from Senghenydd, lost control and clipped a wall before careering across the road into and underneath a parked car. That parked car then hit another parked behind it.

Cllr John Roberts, ward member for Abertridwr, said the timing of the crash was good fortune because of the half term holidays but added that it again raised concerns about speeding traffic through the village.

He said: “Thank God it’s half term because where the crash happened is exactly where the children are dropped off from the school buses.”

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “The RTC involved a silver Renault Megan and three parked vehicles. The driver of the Megane left the scene of the accident.

“A 32-year-old man from the Caerphilly area was later arrested on suspicion of taking a vehicle without consent, no insurance, drink driving, and possession of an offensive weapon. The man was taken to the Royal Gwent Hospital where he is being treated for facial injuries.

“Nobody else was injured. A wall was damaged in the collision and the local authority have been notified.

“Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to call 101.”


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  • Stueyburr

    The speeding along this road from the bowls up through the "aber stretch" has been ignored for years. Is it going to take someones death before action is taken ? We need speed cameras and bumps to slow the traffic down – boy racers, buses and log lorries…

  • HJL

    I agree. Look at the cost that has been incurred due to this incident because some waste of space kid fancied a joy ride! The same goes for Aberfawr Road. All manner of vehicles speed up to go up the hill towards Ilan Road and down it, doing ridiculous speeds straight past the entrance of the park and library!

  • DMW

    Not only is this stupidly called joy riding when these idiots could take inocent lives. It also costs the public in cleaning up the accident debris from our roads. I suppose this low life has never done a decent days work if he had he would not be so quick to steal other peoples vehicles the owners of the cars involved will be inconvenienced whilst he will probably still pick up his benefit as usual. scum

  • TJ

    Speed humps won't stop a car thief, they don't care what damage they do but the rest of us do that use the road. The log lorries stopped when the mill in Senghenydd closed which must be 2 years now……..

  • Nadine Stokes

    This was my mums car up in the air. Hope the useless piece of scum gets the book thrown at him. Irresponsible idiot. Deserves all he gets! He has now left my mum at least £700 out of pocket – the scum!

  • Stueyburr

    Who said anything about car thieves ? its speeding vehicles that are the problem… mums rushing to shool, dads rushing home etc .. its normal people driving too fast most of the time – plus the odd idiot (and lost log lorry driver)

  • Lisa

    I've even seen police cars racing up there without the blues and twos on. And I believe the articulated lorry that crashed into a van outside my house a couple of weeks ago, was a log lorry. I once wrote to Wayne David and also Lyndsey Whittle about the road. Neither wanted to know!

  • Simon

    A driving licence should be earned and not a right. If he snuffed it he would have been the author of his own misfortune. This chap should never be on the road again ever. Speeding past the park is especially dangerous with park users and residents at risk. the residents had enough to put up with before the park was locked. Now the council is doing a great job locking the gates.

  • G T Thorne

    The whole valley is dangerous to drive in and also try to cross the roads and you risk death. The council have put crossings ,road calming throghout the area . Why is this valley forgotten , and like many places i visit the parking areas are a joke .

  • Cathryn jones

    The person who was driving was actually coming from senghenydd way not from bowls way. He must have been going at a speed as he hit wall further up road and then went up under my mums car which hit another car behind which hit another. So this idiot was not only drunk but has stopped innocent people from going about their daily business, whilst he prob had a slap on wrists. Makes my blood boil!!!!

  • Allan

    i'm a pretty responsible driver, but its so easy to speed along that bit in either direction. I hold my hands up and will admit ive looked down on my dash and im unintentionally going at about 40mph +. I promptly regulate after that. But it goes to show how easy it is to let slip when you are so familiar with the road. The sign that flashes to say your doing over 30mph helps me. But some numpties wont even pay attention to that. The local police should do some speed gun work. They did it in Pontypool and it worked. Get into you community councillors such as Paul Mitchell (he's a no nonsense bloke I know personally who has surgeries in the local community centres), this is small fish for the likes of Whittle and our MP.