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Caerphilly Council announces free town centre parking in the run-up to Christmas

Published in News on Monday November 26th, 2012. Last updated at 10:00


Caerphilly County Borough Council has announced it will introduce free parking at its town centre pay and display car parks in the run-up to Christmas.

It is the third year the council has waived parking charges. The two previous free Christmas parking schemes had been under a Plaid Cymru controlled authority.

Cllr Tom Williams, Labour cabinet member for highways, engineering and transportation, said: “I warmly welcome this decision, which in addition to the obvious benefits it will provide to shoppers, it will also help support local traders and help further boost trade in our town centres during this critical trading period.

“We are keen to do everything we can to help ensure that our town centres are welcoming, attractive shopping destinations for residents and visitors alike, and I am sure this move will very much benefit both businesses and shoppers.”

The two-hour free parking will be introduced from Monday December 10, 2012, until and including Christmas Eve in all pay and display car parks across Caerphilly County Borough.

All motorists making use of the free two hours car parking must still collect a ticket (which is free of charge) from the pay and display machine and display it in their vehicles.

Motorists wishing to stay longer than three hours will have to pay.


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  • Phil

    Well they might as well have free parking,cos the amount of people on double yellows outside the Twyn car park near the bank is ridiculous….And outside Iceland on the pavement…Its a wonder more people have not been injured walking on the road….

  • John Owen

    Why should the residents of Caerphilly have to pay in the Twyn Car park anyway?. The Twyn was given to the PEOPLE of Caerphilly, by the Marquis of Bute, and not to any council, be it the old Caerphilly Urban Distict or the County Borough.