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Gwent PCC Ian Johnston proposes a Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner

Published in News at 15:07, Friday December 7th, 2012.


Paul Harris has been nominated for the position of Gwent's Deputy PCC

Paul Harris has been nominated for the position of Gwent's Deputy PCC

Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston has named Paul Harris as his proposed Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner.

The commissioner made his announcement at a meeting of the Gwent Police and Crime Panel. The panel will consider the commissioner’s proposal at its next meeting in January where they will hold a confirmation hearing.

Mr Johnston said: “I’m delighted to propose Paul as my deputy. He would bring a wealth of experience to the role and we are both passionate about helping to provide the public of Gwent with the best possible police service.

“Working together Paul and I would ensure that Gwent community priorities are reflected in how Gwent is policed. We would also hold the Chief Constable to account in regards to performance and make sure that the public receives a fair, courteous, and effective service, with prompt feedback.”

The panel will make a recommendation as to the proposed appointment in January 2013.

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act allows a PCC to appoint a Deputy PCC, but it is not a requirement.

The Deputy PCC is classed as a member of the PCC’s staff, and the PCC sets their terms and conditions of employment. The PCC can delegate many of their functions to a Deputy PCC.

Deputy PCCs are exempt from the restrictions on political activity that apply to other members of the PCC’s staff, and do not need to go through a recruitment process.


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  • lindsey

    jobs for the Boys ,the police policing themselves , they must laughing thier selves silly

  • Dafydd

    There is a petition calling for a return to the old system at:


    I agree it shows what a nonsense the whole thing is, its worse than a third world country.

  • Jeff

    This is deplorable move only two weeks after scrapping through the election on ` second` choice votes, fact.

    It certainly appears, unless the Commissioner very quickly proves to the contrary,that we do have the worse of all possible outcomes in the election of a Police and Crime commissioner for Gwent.

    We now have an ex police officer policing the police, we have an ex senior police officer, plus one, who both failed to ensure any of the things he is now charged with doing whilst he was a police officer.

    This is a disaster for the people of Gwent, it is a total waste of money for the people of Gwent, and it is an opportunity missed to improve the police force the people of Gwent deserve, come to think of it, I suppose the people of Gwent are getting exactly what they voted for????

  • Trefor Bond

    The Crime and Police Commissioner has made some very encouraging noises since he was ` elected` on November the 15th.

    The proof of what he states he will do will be in the pudding, he has stated, that he and his Deputy, will encourage the Chief constable to alter her strategic approach to the way she and her Senior Officers and indeed other ranks, engage with the public, he has in fact produced a ` plan` to bring at least part of that public encounter between police and the people of Gwent into being.

    We will, however, see who blinks first, the Chief constable or the Commissioner, Ian Johnston and his deputy.