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Caerphilly Business Forum blog: SMEs in Wales gearing up for a successful year

Published in Comment, News at 13:00, Tuesday January 22nd, 2013.


Tony Sheehan, chair of Caerphilly Business Forum

In his regular column for Caerphilly Observer, Caerphilly Business Forum’s chair Tony Sheehan looks ahead to 2013.

After a quiet Christmas, business activity in 2013 is already picking up fast and two surveys out last week have shown that SMEs in Wales are already gearing up for a successful year.

The first, carried out by Aviva, has shown that SMEs in Wales are confident about trading conditions, with 52% happy with the current size of their business and approximately a quarter of others looking to scale up in 2013.

This has been underlined by the twice yearly Business in Britain report from Lloyds TSB Commercial, which has reported that optimism is at its strongest level since the economy came out of the initial recession in 2009.

The survey’s Business Confidence Index tracks businesses’ views of likely sales, orders and profits for the coming six months and presents an overall “balance” of opinion weighing up the percentage of firms that are positive in outlook against those that are negative.

So, looking on the bright side, a lot of retailers, like Primark and Argos, are showing improved sales. On the other hand, this isn’t reflected in the number of high street brands that have announced that they are going into administration in the past few days, Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster have already called in the administrators in 2013.

Tony Sheehan
Chairman, Caerphilly Business Forum

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