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Caerphilly X Factor ‘Pink’ singer has Ofcom complaint rejected

Published in News at 10:17, Tuesday March 5th, 2013. Last updated at 13:19, Monday March 11th, 2013


Zoe Alexander performing as Pink at Nottingham Pride

Zoe Alexander performing as Pink at Nottingham Pride By mattbuck (category) (Own work by mattbuck.) CC-BY-SA-2.0 or CC-BY-SA-3.0

An X Factor contestant from Caerphilly who swore at the show’s judges and attacked a cameraman has had her complaint against programme makers turned down by TV watchdog Ofcom.

Zoe Alexander, a Pink tribute artist, was shown swearing and throwing her microphone on the ITV talent show but complained that she had been misrepresented.

The singer told Ofcom that she felt the footage, broadcast on ITV on November 18 2012, was edited to “create an unfair impression of her and her behaviour”.

Ms Alexander also said she was forced to sing Pink song ‘So What’ by show producers despite telling show judges she wanted to distance herself from her Pink act.

She told Ofcom programme makers had “ignored her track choices, changed her song list and dictated her outfit and hair style, insisting on her appearing in her Pink persona”.

Ms Alexander claimed the reason for her behaviour was because she had been “sabotaged” and “set up” by programme makers.

Ofcom ruled that:
The programme makers were not unfair in their dealings with Miss Alexander,
particularly given that she was given an opportunity to perform a second song.
The footage of Miss Alexander was not unfairly edited.
Miss Alexander was not unfairly portrayed in the programme.

The ruling by Ofcom also reveals that Ms Alexander, according to ITV, continued her aggressive behaviour once cameras had stopped rolling.

It is claimed she kicked equipment as she went and, eventually, slapped the series producer in the face.

ITV said it accepted that Ms Alexander was extremely agitated and very angry after the audition but said the judges’ comments were “balanced” and her violent reaction after the audition was “unacceptable by any standards, whatever her perceived grievance”.

Ofcom backed ITV’s stance that the broadcast programme was a “fair summary of the events”.

It said: “Accordingly, Ofcom has not upheld Miss Alexander’s complaint of unjust or unfair treatment in the programme as broadcast.”

A separate complaint by Ms Alexander’s father Glenn Smith was also rejected by Ofcom. Mr Smith had complained that footage of him joining his daughter on stage was unfairly edited “create an unfair impression of him and his behaviour”.

However the watchdog backed ITV who denied any wrongdoing.


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  • Dave

    Her behaviour was certainly unacceptable ,what a silly girl.

  • clive

    Don't trust shows like X factor. She had lots to complain about. But this is only entertainment. So why complain ?