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8,000 sign petition in Caerphilly County Borough against the “Bedroom Tax”

Published in News at 11:21, Thursday March 21st, 2013. Last updated at 14:38, Monday March 25th, 2013


Islwyn MP Chris Evans, Caerphilly MP Wayne David and Merthyr and Rhymney MP Dai Havard present the "Bedroom Tax" petition to Number 10

Islwyn MP Chris Evans, Caerphilly MP Wayne David and Merthyr and Rhymney MP Dai Havard present the "Bedroom Tax" petition to Number 10

The three Labour MPs for the Caerphilly Borough, Wayne David (Caerphilly), Chris Evans (Islwyn) and Dai Havard (Merthyr and Rhymney), have handed in a petition to the Prime Minister opposing the so-called “Bedroom Tax”.

The petition has been signed by more than 8,000 Caerphilly County Borough residents.

Caerphilly Labour launched the petition in February calling on the Tory-led UK Government to change its Welfare Reform Act and withdraw the cuts to Housing benefit, labelled by critics as the “Bedroom Tax”.

From April 1 2013, changes to housing benefit by the UK Government will mean that working-age recipients could face a cut of 14% to their payments for one spare bedroom, and a 25% cut for two spare bedrooms or more.

Wayne David raised the case of Mr and Mrs Goodwin of Blackwood in Prime Minister’s Questions three weeks ago. Mr David asked the Prime Minister what justification there could be for Mr and Mrs Goodwin, who are both registered blind, to have to pay the “Bedroom Tax”.

After the Prime Minister said he was willing to look at their case, Mr and Mrs Goodwin wrote to Mr Cameron. However, they have not yet received either a response or an acknowledgement of their letter.

Mr David said: “The Bedroom Tax is a disgraceful attack upon some of least well off and vulnerable people in our society. Government figures show that Wales will be particularly hard hit, especially areas like the Caerphilly Borough. It is clear that people with disabilities are amongst those who will be affected most.

“This petition has been signed by people throughout the length and breadth of the Caerphilly Borough. It has been organised by Caerphilly Labour and has signatures from over 8,000 people. Many of those who have signed will be directly affected by the Bedroom Tax, but many recognise that it is unfair – even though they will not be hit themselves. Even at this late stage, we are calling on the Government to withdraw this unfair welfare change.”

Islwyn’s Chris Evans said: “I am delighted so many people from across the Caerphilly Borough have joined the campaign against these unfair and ill thought out changes.

“These plans will have an impact on some of the most vulnerable people in our communities and it is my sincere hope that the Government thinks again.”

Caerphilly AM Jeff Cuthbert has urged residents affected by the housing benefit cut to contact Caerphilly County Borough Council to apply for an exemption.


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  • Cllr James Pritchard

    This is a campaign that has really struck homes with the people of Caerphilly borough. The people of this borough have not been shy in putting pen to paper against this disgracefull attack on our poorest people when we have been out knocking doors.

    The campaign wont be over until the Bedroom Tax is consigned to the dustbin so lets hope, for once, this failing Tory Prime Minister listens. If you would like to register your opposition online then please 'like' our facebook page


  • David Trevor Smith

    Dear sir.i do not support this so called bedroom tax.but i think the three local Labour Mps are playing party politics one simple question to the three if Labour win the next election in 2015 do they promise the people of the area they represent, they will stop this tax straight away.please dont fudge things but a straight answer.yes or no.i await thier responec.

    David Trevor Smith.

  • Cllr James Pritchard

    Dear David,

    I very much hope if Labour do win the next election this will be reversed. Labour in Caerphilly have been the only party making the running on this issue so naturally I hope pressure will be put on the Labour leadership if Labour do win the election in 2015 to reverse it.

  • DavidtrevorSmith

    Cllr Prichard.I too hope that if Labour were to win in 2015 they would reverce the bedroom tax.I asked the 3 local MPs a simple question would they reverce this as soon as they took power, i asked for a simple yes or no as yet not responce, i dont hold my breath as i think i was right. they are playing party politics with the people of the area.i will await thier responce.
    David Trevor Smith.