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Residents told to be on their guard against rogue traders

Published in News on Thursday April 25th, 2013. Last updated at 13:24


Residents have been told to be on their guard against scam doorstep sellers as part of a week-long campaign to highlight the issue of rogue traders.

This week is National Rogue Trader week – a joint operation between police forces, local Trading Standards and Operation Liberal, the national intelligence unit for distraction burglary.

Gwent Police and local Trading Standards have organised a variety of events aimed at older and vulnerable people groups to help explain what to look out for in rogue trader.

Officers are also patrolling hot spot areas and establishing no cold calling zones and meals on wheels will also be distributing leaflets. Police are also visiting banks and reminding staff to be on the look out for older people withdrawing large amounts of money.

Detective Inspector Dean White, who is the lead for Operation Rogue Trader 2013 for Gwent Police, said: “Doorstep crime has a huge impact on victims and so it is essential we take a partnership approach to prevent, disrupt and enforce against rogue trading criminals.

“It is essential we raise awareness of things people can do to protect themselves and their properties and provide reassurance to those who are most vulnerable.

“There are links between those who commit distraction burglary and those who are involved in rogue trading so these initiatives are essential as both offences can have devastating effects on vulnerable victims.”

Andy Bertie, from Scambusters Wales, added: “The team work closely with the Trading Standards teams of each of the local authorities in Wales to identify rogue traders who make it their business to carry out unnecessary and overpriced work who often target the most vulnerable members of the community.

“They are criminals who live a lifestyle most honest people can only dream of with little if any legitimate income. We would encourage anyone who has suspicions about any such activity should contact their local Trading Standards or police.”


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