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  • Trefor Bond

    What on earth has a private citizens personal and private records, compiled by the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, have to do with a Local Authority.

    I always thought that a person medical and other data was `confidential`to the health authorities and person to whom they relate.

    There is not one person or any department in the Caerphilly Borough council that I want to know about my medical conditions, unless of course I tell them.

    I also think this is a clear case of breaching a citizens human rights to privicy, and certainly breaches the Data Protection Act.

    Councils clean roads and cut grass, they sometimes excel themselves and provide a reasonable level of education, and interfere in a citizens wishes to improve thier homes etc, or, and they sometimes fill in potholes in the road, other than that I for one do not want them in possession of my personal records compiled by my medical providers.

    I predict this `scheme` is doomed to be costly and problematic, and, no doubt will be tested in the courts sooner or later. Contary to the assurances that such a process is `not an open house` in accessing information is absolute nonsence.

    Who`s stupid idea is this anyway? a perfect candidate for redundancy saving the Health board a few million pounds which could be spent on CANCER DRUGS AND TREATMENT.

    Bin the scheme I say.

  • Richard Williams

    I echo the comments of Trefor Bond, there is not one person that I want to share any of my personal health details with apart from my doctor.

    This is yet another example of prying for undisclosed purposes. Who is it that defines "the right level of access" for a particular organisation? Where are our borough councillors who should be acting swiftly to stop this project in its tracks? I look forward to hearing their views.