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Plaque for biker Malcolm Uphill

Published in News at 17:00, Thursday September 5th, 2013.


A bronze plaque commemorating legendary motorcyclist Malcolm Uphill is to be unveiled in Caerphilly town.

Uphill, who was born in Trecenydd, was the first man to average over 100 mph for a lap of the Isle of Man TT on a production motorcycle. He achieved the record on a Triumph Bonneville 750cc in 1969.

He passed away in 1999, aged 64 from asbestosis.

In 2010 a group of motorcyclists bemoaned the lack of a suitable tribute for the man and decided something needed to be done.

At that time there was only a single commemorative brick on the Tommy Cooper Walk of Fame and it was felt that Malcolm deserved a more prominent memorial.

A committee of six people was set up chaired by town councillor Ed Talbot, himself a keen biker.
More than £2,500 has been raised by the committee for the plaque. It is due to be unveiled on Saturday September 7 opposite the pub that bears his name.


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  • Jeff

    This is another demonstration by two local Councillors to their Communities.

    Councillor Eddie Talbot and Councillor Richard Williams, both Independent Caerphilly Councillors, must be congratulated for their efforts in ensuring the memory of legendary Malcome uphill, a famous son of Caerphilly, and a Freeman of the Town to boot, they should also be congratulated for the role they played in consultations with Company Directors of Wetherspoons pub chain in ensuring Malcolm`s name lives on for future generations to recognise.

    The Caerphilly town Council, when asked to make a contribution to the fund raising efforts to create, buy, and site the plaque failed to support it. But, fortunately other local Council`s did support the effort and in so doing recognise the important role Malcolm played in representing his Town worldwide.

    I would like to thank Wayne David MP for his unstinting and generous support for this cause and for agreeing to attend this event and represent all the citizens of the Caerphilly borough in doing so.

    Shame on those elected Councillors who continue to ignore the efforts of Councillors Talbot and Williams in taking the name of this Caerphilly Sporting Giant into the future.