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Caerphilly Council to spend £250,000 improving disabled access

Published in News at 16:30, Thursday September 12th, 2013.


Caerphilly County Borough Council is to spend £250,000 updating it buildings to improve access for disabled people.

The works are being undertaken using funding from the council’s Disability Equality Group (DEG) during the 2013/14 financial year, with schools seeing the vast majority of improvements.

Works to schools have included the addition of parking bays, automatic doors, ramps, guard rails and intercom systems. Accessible toilets have also been refitted and improvements have been made to steps at numerous schools.

Renovations have also taken place at Risca and Newbridge Leisure Centres this year, with £50,000 was contributed from the DEG budget. Blackwood Miners’ Institute has also recieved £20,000.

All of the libraries across the county borough will be having an up-to-date disabled access assessment.

Cllr Keith Reynolds, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Corporate Services, said: “We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all of our residents, regardless of age, gender, race or disability.

“I am pleased that the Disability Equality Group is helping to fund improvement programmes across the county borough which will give people with disabilities the access that they deserve to the various facilities and services the council provides.”


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  • Andrew

    About time they dipped into their purses

  • Dean

    If we stopped giving the disabled free parking, free cars and whatever else they receive free, we could use the saved money on even more improvements and be one step closer to equal rights.

  • Trefor bond

    Dean, your comment is perverse in the true sense of the word, and it does not make sense either, i.e. do away with facilities that help and assist disable people and be one step nearer equality, what a stupid thing to propose.

  • Andrew

    What about ousting out all the people on disability that are NOT disabled, but flout the law because they refuse to work, now that's a money saver……….

  • Jan

    Dean I hope you never find yourself disabled, when you cannot walk very far without severe pain or breathing problems then just remember to count your blessings. Andrew it is usually people with nothing wrong get kept on benefits and the people who need it are chucked off because they are too ill to stick up for themselves. Caerphilly cbc are a bit late the disability discrimination act has been about for years. They didn't consider the disabled when the calazage bridge was constructed in newbridge thats for sure, it is way too long. Also, be careful not to trip over the huge black ballbearings dotted around newbridge. Blackwood town centre free parking for disabled amounts to about 5 spaces on the steep woodbine hill. They are priceless caerphilly cbc.

  • Dean

    Do you lot bother to read?

    I support doing away with free parking and subsidised cars etc… Disabled or not disabled, we should all pay to have those luxuries.

    Never did I mention cutting off all support for the disabled. Providing careers, ramps, lifts, subsidised modern wheelchairs, work schemes (e.g. Remploy) etc… Is fantastic!

  • Dean

    Parking should free for all, or we should ALL pay. Sure, give them parking spaces closer to the shops to help them out, but that's as far as it should go.

  • Trefor bond

    We need more, compassionate, caring, benevolent, warmhearted, sympathetic and understanding people like Dean in this world.

  • Trefor bond

    Dean, you said, and lets not hop about on the expressions you used, "If we stopped giving the disabled – free parking, free cars and whatever else they receive free". Consider your statement " AND WHATEVER ELSE THEY RECEIVE FREE". The first thing is that these are not `luxuries` for disabled people as Dean has labelled them, they are in most cases, for the severely disabled, a human `requirement`in order for them to survive in the real world. And of course most disabled people, unless they were born disabled, have made a contribution to everything the state provides for their particular individual needs, so, again none of the provisions have been provided free, that statement is alkin to saying the NHS provisions are FREE, they are not of course because we all pay into the system to sustain the NHS.

    Again, as in other sweeping scatter gun statements you have made on other topic on these pages, the alternative to the existing provisions and processes are unacceptable to normal compassionate citizens of this country.

    We could of course replicate the scenes in some countries of disabled people being at the back of every queue, at the bottom of every pile, and, catered for closed away behind closed doors, by the third sector or the state as sub humans. That is the world your sort of extreme or right wing politics stands for and would create we should all be grateful you are not a politician, If you do ever stand for election anywhere local please be sure to append the title you use on these pages to your election propaganda so that we all know where you stand.

    Consider this Well, life has a funny way of sneaking up on you

    when you think everything's okay and everything's going right

    and life has a funny way of helping you out when

    You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up

    In your face. keep this in mind.

  • Sue

    Trefor…..I can sort of understand where Dean is coming from in his comments. Personally, I think disabled people should have parking spaces near to entrances etc and they should obviously be a lot wider than the standard spaces. I do not agree that disabled people should be entitled to free parking in car parks or elsewhere. Disabled people should also pay to cross the Severn Bridge as do non disabled people.

    As far as I am aware to have a disability car they have to surrender part/whole of their disability allowance which to me seems fair. They then receive free car tax which I believe is unfair. Granted, many disabled people need a car to make life easier in what can be a hostile world for them but they could pay car tax for it. Why should they be exempt from paying car tax?

    All buildings should have suitable access for wheelchairs and preferably at the main entrance. Internal doorways should also be wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

    What needs to be sorted is those people claiming disability allowances when they are actually fit for work. They give disabled people a bad name which is not fair.

  • Trefor bond

    Sue- The crux of the argument is contained in the last two lines of your comment, and I agree totally with that comment, what I disagree with is lumping all disabled people into a pile of undeserving scroungers who do not need the various provisions the state make for them to properly integrate with main line healthy citizens, most disabled people, for instance, are low wage earners due to a physical disability, i.e. they are not as `able` to do a job as an `able` bodied person, and at the same time not completely preventing them from those tasks, the fact they are `helped` with transport costs aids their independence to work and play a proper role in society. I simple test for instance is that some disabled people take much longer to do simple personal tasks than others, in those cases a proper personal `mobility` plan is necessary, every day of the week, shopping, going to the doctor or dentist, taking a family pet to the vet, all the things people take for granted, yet disabled people need to activate a plan for doing so, and without transport for instance that Plan cannot be made.

    Free Parking?. what does it cost? who loses if disabled people are allowed to park for free in designated parking places?. What is the problem??????

  • Sue

    Trefor…your last paragraph. If there is no problem with providing disabled people with free parking spaces because as you say 'who loses' then let's provide free parking for all.

    Obviously this is not possible as the council will lose out, and invariably, our council tax will rise. Regardless of cost, why should disabled people park free? Yes, granted, it can take some disabled people longer to alight from their car but the same argument could be applied to parents with babies or young children.

  • Trefor bond

    Sue- Babies and young children parking is already provided in all car parks, near to doors, denying that space to a regular shopper, and I think it should be.

    All Parking should be FREE, not free of good management rules but free of charge.

    When you say parking of cars will cause a rise in Council Tax I certainly do not agree, in most cases car parking provision is provided in Towns by traffic orders made under the terms of the Road Traffic Act, certainly when the Council have anything to do with parking. It is ILLEGAL for Councils to profit from such orders made under the Road Traffic Act, which is not a fiscal regulations, from which, Council`s can raise revenue, so, any `charge` would have to be so insignificant to comply with the law that it would be exactly that ` insignificant, and whatever charge were applied would have to only relate to the collection and administration cost of collecting and applying that charge.

    Any Council which goes beyond the above provision is acting illegally and any enforcement would itself be nebulous and could successfully be appealed at every stage. So, I agree that all parking should be free of charge but not free of proper management and good enforcement.

    The council DO NOT lose, the Ratepayer Does NOT lose, and the citizen wins, disabled or able bodied.

  • Dean

    " Free Parking?. what does it cost? who loses if disabled people are allowed to park for free in designated parking places?. What is the problem??????"

    It's the principle of it. We all pay or none of us pay.

    The same thing goes for crossing the Severn Bridge for free, not paying car tax, receiving subsidised cars,

    I would use the same argument for tax. We should all pay the same percentage rate no matter how rich or how poor you are. If we all earn £20,000 tax free and then pay 30% on anything over, those who are poorer will not be worse off and those who are rich have a reason to stay and not to move.

  • Trefor Bond

    Dean you would`nt support a married couple allowance then?. you said "We should all pay the same percentage rate no matter how rich or how poor you are. If we all earn £20,000 tax free and then pay 30%", which seems to support a system of across the board levels of personal taxation?, So, can we take it you don`t agree that anyone, including one man business outfits, should be able to claim tax free allowances?, subsidised tax free grants to businesses?, or, a tax incentive for transport costs, cars, and other business personal and expenses, including tax write offs for businesses, etc etc etc.

    If you support all the above for businesses than your argument to deny similar help for disabled people`s mobility needs has no credibility.

  • Dean

    You are correct Trefor. I fully support income tax equality.

    I am not a huge fan of tax insentives. I would put Corporation tax at 2.5% for all businesses to attract more business to the UK. Any drops in the amount a company pays would be off set by the number of businesses who choosing to domicile in tax haven Britain.

  • Dean

    As for the other things you mentioned, I would scrap them all. I support a simpler, lower tax system for businesses.