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Lindsay Whittle chosen as Caerphilly Assembly candidate

Published in News at 11:00, Monday September 16th, 2013.


Plaid Cymru AM Lindsay Whittle has been selected by party members in Caerphilly to fight the constituency at the 2016 elections to the National Assembly.

Mr Whittle, who currently represents South Wales East and is a former leader of Caerphilly Council, said: “I am honoured to have been chosen by party members to contest the Caerphilly seat in 2016. It is where I’m proud to say I was born and it’s where I belong.

“The Caerphilly area, like many others across Wales has its problems, but is full of marvellous people who I would be delighted to represent at constituency level.

“I was hugely encouraged at the reaction of people towards Plaid Cymru at the recent Penyrheol by-election. Many told me that Labour had failed them and they were willing to put their faith in Plaid.

“People are still furious about the pay increase debacle at Labour-run Caerphilly council which will cost tax-payers millions of pounds and I don’t think this scandal will be forgotten by them for many years.”

He added: “As a regional member I will continue to represent and campaign for people in south-east Wales to the best of my ability right up to the next election. There will be no slacking off by me.”


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  • Terry

    "Plaid are still furious about the pay increase at Labour – run Caerphilly Council". Why didn't they vote against it then????


    Lindsay Whittle makes great play of his selection as the Candidate for Plaid Cymru in the Welsh assembly next time around, I would like to know if this means he will stand against the incumbent Caerphilly Member Jeff Cuthbert? if the answer is YES, does this mean he has enough confidence of winning the seat that he will NOT place is name on the Regional list, as a `back stop` to getting in through the back door?. I somehow doubt it.

  • Cheryl

    The editor is so Left-biased. You write a critical comment and he deletes it. My gosh! Allow people to speak. It wasn't even personal. I imagine that if I wrote a similarly critical comment about a Tory MP it would be allowed. In fact, there no "I suppose" about it as I have done in the past and it was allowed.

  • Dean

    I think I should stand as a Conservative. I'll tell you what I would campaign for:

    1. Restructuring of Spending

    I would like to see spending cut from environment projects around the country and inject it into the education system in Wales to provide teenagers with a better education than their Scottish and English counterparts. Entire departments in schools would be set up to house the disruptive pupils and other departments to house the gifted pupils to allow them to excel.

    2.The opt-out organ donation policy would be changed back to how it was.

    3. Cardiff Airport would initially be run at a slight loss. Airlines would be allowed to operate out of the airport for free and any losses made in unprofitable services would be underwritten for 5 year provided that the airline flies to such destinations for a minimum of 10. Aggressive tactics, such as purposely undercutting Bristol, would be used to snatch low cost carriers (Ryan Air goes to where the price is lower)

    4. Instead of encouraging all pupils to attend university (not all are capable) money would be spent in developing a greater number of apprenticeships and vocational colleges for those who are not academic.

    5. EMA would be scrapped and replaced with a pay back system so the students who would usually receive EMA to spend on educational supplies, would go to their school/college office, ask for supplies, receive the supplies and their school/college could then reclaim the cost from the Welsh Assembly Government.

    The rest will be on the leaflet if I choose to stand.

  • Cllr. Richard Willia

    Your ideas have some merit Dean. With reference to point 1. you may wish to simplify this by returning to grammar schools, which are a tried a proven system of delivering a better education than we have at present. I passed for grammar but Caerffili Boys Grammar was turned into a comprehensive so I was a pupil in both systems. I can categorically say that the grammar was the better of the two schools.

    There are arguments that less academically able pupils are prematurely consigned to a low paid future but this is not true in my experience. A school friend’s sister, who failed for grammar, was transferred after two years because she showed ability and was willing to work. One of my own brothers failed too and ended up as a senior engineer with Swalec. Children were streamed, according to aptitude, in comprehensive schools. The difference in the grammar system is that those who demonstrate ability are pushed hard in order to make the most of their natural talents. It is bizarre that we in Wales have an elite rugby academy (which is generally praised) but do not have many grammar type schools in order to foster the same excellence in a young pupil as we are happy to do with a promising rugby player.

    By the way, Lindsay Whittle attended Caerffili Boys Grammar and is as proud of his old school as I am.

  • Dean

    It's beggars belief as to why they closed them/changed them. The academy idea presented by Cameron goes some way to solving the problem but it's still not as effective as the days of grammar schools.

    Very interesting point you made about less academically able pupils being consigned to low paid jobs. I too have met someone with a comfortable salary who left school at 14. He went on to do an apprenticeship and he too became an engineer. Currently, the apprenticeships are in very low numbers, too competitive to get one and rarely result in a stable job after.

    Looking at modern behaviour I think we need borstals instead of comps in some cases.

  • Clive

    Dean, I trust that your comment "Looking at modern behaviour I think we need borstals instead of comps in some cases." is targeted at the parents who have no idea how to encourage their offspring to behave and to achieve.

  • Dean

    Partly but it's aimed at all naughty children. Mainyl the regular offenders.


    What about naughty Councillors I say, and not to mention naughty Council Officers, Tut. Tut.