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Public consultation on Blue Badge scheme changes in Wales

Published in News at 15:00, Monday October 21st, 2013.


Changes to the Blue Badge disabled parking scheme in Wales, to include people with cognitive impairments such as autism, have gone out to public consultation.

The Welsh Government is inviting people to have their say on the changes which also include tougher penalties for people who misuse the badges.

The proposed changes are to be implemented by April 2014 and will also mean that service veterans will be eligible provided they are in receipt of the highest tariff for mental disorders Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

The changes would give local authorities the power to confiscate badges in certain circumstances where people are deliberately misusing them.

Minister for Transport, Edwina Hart said: “The Blue Badge Scheme plays an important role in helping people with disabilities overcome some of the barriers they face when accessing jobs, shops and other important services.

“These changes have been recommended following a review of the existing scheme which I commissioned to ensure consistency and fairness in the way it is delivered across Wales.”

Consultation documents are available on the Welsh Government website.


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  • Tax payer

    Lets just give them away! What a joke. I would say about 5% of people actually need them. Why we keep pandering to people I don't know.

  • Dean

    Agreed. It's the privileges that come with them too. Dedicated spaces to assist mobility I agree with. Free parking in many places, no.

    Whatever next. Blue badges for dyslexic people, ADHD, shy people etc… where does it stop?