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Have your say on Caerphilly Council budget cuts

Published in News at 09:00, Friday December 13th, 2013.


Caerphilly County Borough Council is urging residents to have their say on how it can cut its budget.

Over the next three years the local authority has to make a total of £28.13 million in savings because of a funding cut.

The Welsh Government has had to cut money to local councils because its own budget has been cut by the UK Government.
Caerphilly Council needs to make savings of £14.53m in 2014/15 as a result of the UK Government’s austerity measures, with further additional savings of £6.54m for 2015/16 and £7.06m for 2016/17.

This amounts to £28.13m over the next three years.

The council has admitted there is still uncertainty about future funding levels, so the savings target could increase
Cllr Harry Andrews, the Labour leader of Caerphilly County Borough Council, said he is keen to ensure that local people are aware of the extent of the cuts and the impact they will have on services.

He said: “It is important that residents understand the scale of the challenge facing us over the next few months.
“We are going to have to make some very difficult and potentially unpopular decisions in the wake of this extremely tough budget announcement.

“Even though the situation is very challenging, Caerphilly is in a good position compared to some other Welsh local authorities and this is largely down to the sound financial strategy adopted by the council over the last few years.”

He added: “These cuts show that the Tories have no compassion or understanding for public services or the ordinary people who rely on them.”

The council is keen to find out residents’ views about how the budget should be spent to help identify priority services.

• Visit www.caerphilly.gov.uk/ccbcsavings to complete an online survey or tweet the council using #ccbcsavings. The deadline for feedback is Friday December 20.


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  • d.williams

    has anyone managed to get on this site (caerphilly.gov.uk/ccbcsavings) keep getting error message

  • Cllr. Richard Willia

    I know how to save a few £Million over the next three years, abolish the new pay structure introduced for the senior officers of the council last year. A lot of voters may think the huge pay rises have been stopped after all the rows. This is not the case, the wage grades are still in being and ready to be used when the heat dies down

    The next step would be to pay senior officers comparable remuneration to the private sector. If they don't like it let them go. They will not be missed any more than the chief executive and his deputy who have been on compulsory leave for months, at huge cost to us, as the police investigate the illegal activity identified by the Auditor General.

  • Martin

    Well said Cllr Williams

    Lot of money for little work and a good high wage for nothing…..