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Drink drive campaign launched by Gwent Police

Published in News at 17:00, Monday December 16th, 2013.


Police have launched their annual campaign against drink and drug driving.

Paul Evans, Chief Inspector of Gwent Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “We target drink/drug drivers 365 days a year, however throughout December there will be a focused effort on cracking down on those who choose to get behind the wheel after having a drink or taking drugs.

“This time of year people may be going out more and enjoying themselves, however, please make plans ahead of time; nominate someone as designated driver or call a cab, either way, leave the car at home.

“This also applies to the morning after. Just because you feel fine you may still not be fit to drive. The affects of alcohol often continue the following day.

“I urge people to call 101 if they have any information about someone getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs. We and our partners are determined to make our roads safer and this starts by targeting those who recklessly drink and drug drive – your action could save lives.”


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