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Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi gives Caerphilly Castle visitors a Good Friday

Published in News on Thursday April 24th, 2014. Last updated at 13:00


Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi on set at Caerphilly Castle.

Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi on set at Caerphilly Castle. Pic Carl Jones

Visitors to Caerphilly Castle on Good Friday were given a Doctor Who experience as Peter Capaldi met fans while filming a medieval scene.

Fans watched on as the Doctor encountered scenes at a medieval castle while filming for the latest series of the BBC drama.

The day culminated with cast, crew and fans singing Happy Birthday to the star in Caerphilly’s Easter sunshine.

Gallery: Medieval and modern world collide at Caerphilly Castle. Pictures by Carl Jones.


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  • Miriam E Lewis

    I’m pretty sure Capaldi was only there on the Thursday but I get your meaning, nice post guys :)

    • Tom Holmes

      He was there on Good Friday, I was there.