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Gwent Police have an eye-dea to fight antisocial behaviour

Published in News at 11:09, Monday April 28th, 2014.


Gwent police we're watching you

WATCHING YOU: Blackwood Community Support Officers show off their crime-fighting banner

Gwent Police have spent over £800 on posters and banners in an attempt to stop antisocial behaviour.

The ‘We’re Watching You’ initiative has seen more than 30 banners erected across Caerphilly County Borough.

The posters show a pair of eyes with slogans discouraging antisocial behaviour, including car cruising, in Caerphilly, Blackwood, Bargoed, Pontllanfraith and Markham.

Inspector Mark Smith, of Blackwood, came up with the idea in a bid to make people think twice before committing crime and antisocial behaviour and to make residents feel safer.

He said: “This initiative is about encouraging co-operative behaviour. It’s quite simple really, people who feel watched are less likely to commit crime and will behave in a more responsible manner.

“Although I have deployed some posters in key places, the banners are portable and will be used in areas where crime or antisocial behaviour levels dictate. So who knows where we will be watching you?”

The scheme is supported by retailers and Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Cllr David Poole, Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services, said: “We’re obviously very supportive of any initiative which attempts to make people think twice about committing a criminal act, and therefore helping to make people feel even safer in their communities.

“This innovative idea will, I hope, prove a successful additional tool in helping to prevent and further reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.”


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  • aqwassss

    This is a ridiculous and dangerous campaign.I guess it is them who decides what is antisocial. right and they want you to join in on their lunacy? This is way over the top and should be stopped, at once, before these idiots do serious damage to some poor sucker.
    Being schizophrenic I am constantly under attack because I do not react as others expect What they fail to notice is that I have them by about fifty IQ points. They couldn’t understand me even if I wasn’t insane.. I have been forced to be the victim many times..

  • Dean

    Waste of money! A reduction comes by a bobby on the beat giving a whip across the ear to trouble makers. These signs are pathetic.