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Welsh European Parliament candidates to debate in Crosskeys

Published in News at 16:25, Wednesday May 7th, 2014.


A hustings featuring candidates hoping to represent Wales in the European Parliament takes place tonight, May 7 at Coleg Gwent Crosskeys.

The debate will focus on the key issues surrounding a possible referendum on European Union membership should the Conservatives win the 2015 General Election.

The hustings have been called by the Institute of Welsh Affairs and will be chaired by ITV Wales’ Political Editor, Adrian Masters, taking place from 6.30pm.

The panel includes Alec Dauncey, Liberal Democrats, Jill Evans MEP, Plaid Cymru, David Rowlands UKIP, Dr Kay Swinburne MEP, Conservative Party and Derek Vaughan MEP, Labour Party.



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  • Dean

    I hope UKIP wipes the floor with them all. The sooner we are out of this non-consensual political union, the better

  • Cllr Richard Williams

    I echo Dean’s comment, I am sure that UKIP will wipe the floor with the other parties. In both the Labour and Tory parties there used to be an honourable place for those who were opposed to political union. These days people with this opinion are shouted down within their own party.

    This is not democracy, the EU is not democratic. As a non party member I will cast my vote for UKIP, the only party that offers an alternative to a Europe controlled by a non-elected political elite. The sooner we have a referendum the better. If the British people wish to remain members of this shambolic European super state I will be very surprised.