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Caerphilly woman given ASBO for nuisance and intimidating behaviour

Published in News at 13:00, Wednesday August 13th, 2014.


A Caerphilly woman has been handed a two-year Antisocial Behaviour Order (ASBO).

Lucy Olsen, 30, of Dyfed Drive, Churchill Park, Caerphilly was given the ASBO by Newport Magistrates Court on July 25.

The court was told how Olsen displayed frequent antisocial, nuisance and intimidating behaviour, and despite interventions as part of the Safer Caerphilly Community Safety Partnership’s ‘four strikes’ process, her behaviour continued.

Olsen’s ASBO prevents her from shouting or swearing in a public place and playing loud music at her home. She is not allowed to bang or strike any walls, doors, floors or ceilings which could cause a nuisance to her neighbours.

Another of the ASBO conditions bans Olsen from approaching or communicating with any person visiting an adjacent property to her home.


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