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Changes to waste centres in Caerphilly County Borough

Published in News at 13:00, Monday October 6th, 2014.


Residents using vans and trailers to take their waste to civic amenity sites must now get a permit before their trip.

People using vans and trailers under 1.8 metres to deposit household waste must collect a free tipping permit from a council cash or Customer First office beforehand.

Proof of residency will be required, along with the vehicle registration document.

Permits will be single use and must be handed in at the site.

Residents will be entitled to up to six free van permits in a 12-month period. Luton vans, tippers and trailers which are greater than 1.8 metres in length will no longer be able to access the sites.

Meanwhile, charges have been introduced for all vans disposing of construction and demolition waste.

Charges of between £35 and £70 will be in place per visit, depending on the size of the vehicle.

Cllr David Poole, Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Community and Leisure Services, said: “These new charges are designed to help the council cope with the cost of handling large amounts of construction and demolition waste.

“The vast majority of residents will be unaffected by these changes.”

For more information on household waste recycling centres visit www.caerphilly.gov.uk or call 01443 866533.


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  • Paul.

    Surely this will only lead to an increase in fly-tipping and land owners creating unlawful landfill sites. These charges appear very short sighted – what is the difference between a van and a large estate car, why not bring in a nominal charge of £1 for everybody using waste centres, why not cut a few council jobs rather than bash the residents with more charges. Everybody who uses a Caerphilly Council Waste Centre should be showing proof of residency.

    • Dean

      My thoughts exactly. I agree this proposal will see an increase in fly tipping but it gets even worse. The council will then need to pay for the cost of cleaning up after flytippers. A charge which is designed to give the council increased revenue could actually end up costing the council more money. Sometimes we can only look on in dismay at the shortsightedness of CCBC.