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Production company Barefoot Rascals launch Kickstarter for Manic Street Preachers Holy Bible documentary

Published in News at 13:05, Thursday November 27th, 2014.


TESTAMENT: The Manic Street Preachers will play The Holy Bible in full on tour

TESTAMENT: The Manic Street Preachers will play The Holy Bible in full on tour

A group of Manic Street Preachers fans are trying to raise £4,000 to produce a documentary on the Blackwood band’s The Holy Bible album.

To coincide with the 20th anniversary tour and re-release of the seminal 1994 album, Cardiff production company Barefoot Rascals, are aiming to film a series of exclusive interviews with some of the album’s biggest fans.

Barefoot Rascals have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the cash to film The Holy Bible: My Testament with award winning music journalist Simon Price for “the most in-depth look at The Holy Bible ever made”.

iss 2 (1)The Holy Bible was the third studio album by the Manics and 20 years on it is widely considered an enduring masterpiece and is a huge favourite amongst their devoted fans.

The lyrics were written mostly by lead guitarist Richey Edwards and are seen partly as a look into the mental state he was in at the time, just months before he went missing.

It was his last artistic work and was last played live in full in December 1994, the last time Richey played with the band.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise £4,000 in just two weeks, but if Barefoot Rascals don’t raise the full amount by December 4 the project won’t happen.

Director Seb Cooke said: “We want to take an in-depth look at The Holy Bible in a way never done before. The level of excitement and anticipation around the tour is huge and we wanted to capture some of that.

“The album means so much to so many for a whole variety of reasons. For some it’s helped them understand and cope with their own depression.

“It’s a deeply political and social album and we want to dissect every element of it.

“The response so far has been fantastic, it’s really striking a chord with a layer of fans and we’re getting some fantastic stories coming in. Let’s just hope we raise the funds to make it.”

Simon Price is an award winning music journalist from Barry. He is author of Everything (A Book About Manic Street Preachers), which is widely seen as the definitive biography of the band.

He said: “Everyone knows that the Manics have the most passionately devoted fans of any rock band.

“Everyone also knows that The Holy Bible is the hardcore Manics fans’ favourite album. But why?

“What is it about the band in general, and that album in particular, that means so much to people? What makes Manics fan culture tick?

“This film aims to find the answers, and I’m honoured to be involved.”

To donate to the project visit Kickstarter.


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