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Caerphilly-based delivery company has record-breaking day ahead of Christmas

Published in Business, News at 12:00, Tuesday December 23rd, 2014.


A Caerphilly courier firm has witnessed unprecedented demand in the lead up to Christmas, successfully processing more than 1,945 deliveries in 24 hours.

Increased demand in the festive season saw Western Couriers receive 2,561 parcels for delivery on Tuesday December 16, compared to 1,885 on the equivalent day last year.

The firm has also taken on six temporary employees, and has extended its fleet of delivery vehicles with the addition of five to cope with record parcel numbers in December.

Adrian Hockey, General Manager at Western Couriers said: “It always gets busier as we approach Christmas and it’s a real credit to our dedicated team of staff that we’ve been able to increase the number of parcels we deliver year on year.

“It’s great to be providing such an important service to so many local businesses in Cardiff region to ensure all their parcels are delivered across the UK – it’s a collaborative effort across the APC Overnight network throughout the festive period.”


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  • Cllr Richard Williams

    Interesting, I wonder if this is a sign that the privatisation of Royal Mail, which in my opinion should not have happened, has not been a resounding success? An increase in business for one day of more than a quarter must have come as a surprise to the directors of this firm.