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Police stations in Caerphilly, Ystrad Mynach and Risca to remain open

Published in News at 16:00, Thursday January 15th, 2015.


Gwent's Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston

Gwent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston

Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnston has pledged to keep police stations in Caerphilly, Ystrad Mynach and Risca open.

Public access to the three stations ceased in July 2012 as part of cost-cutting measures, but they were reopened by Mr Johnston in April last year.

Mr Johnston said: “When I took office in 2012, I embarked on a series of community engagement activities and it became apparent that the closing of front counter services was not a popular decision with the community.

“The data from the surveys and the positive public feedback in relation to my decision to re-establish access to police stations has made it clear to me that this is what the public want and that these facilities are important where reassuring and engaging with the public is concerned. Acting on this information, I’m delighted to announce that these stations will remain open.”

The Chief Constable of Gwent Police, Jeff Farrar, said: “It is clear from the results of these surveys, the public would like additional police stations to remain accessible to them as well as the five front counters which have remained operational over the last couple of years.

“It will complement our wider face-to-face engagement work including regular and pre-advertised police surgeries at other police stations across the force, as well as in partner and public facilities, and the use of our mobile police stations in key public areas.”

Lindsay Whittle, Plaid Cymru AM for South Wales East, said: “I’m delighted that the Police and Crime Commissioner has listened to the views of the public, as well as politicians and police stations in Gwent will stay on.

“The original decision of the former Chief Constable to shut front counter services was short-sighted so I’m pleased that they will now be open permanently.

“Staffed stations have a vital role in engaging with the public, who feel happier if there is a station near them they can call into if they need assistance.”


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  • Trefor Bond

    Perhaps Ian Johnston, our Police and Crime Commissioner, will now tackle the increasing failure of the Gwent Police 101 incident reporting system, members of the public pay every time they phone this number to report an incident or a crime, it is a disgrace that this is the only out of office telephone number which the public can phone, and, even if you phone the main police switchboard out of hours it automatically `tries`, but invariably fails, to put you through to the 101 call centre.

    Hundreds of members of the public have complained about this failed system but it appearsthat it remains as appallingly bad as ever. The police know, because the system records all calls into the call centre, when the caller has hung up, been automatically cut off by the police after, normally, 20 minutes holding on to speak to someone, continues to repeated recall the number until at last someone answers, whilst at the same time paying for the call, and listening to the same message that the call is importmant to the police, you are in queue and you will be answered shortly, presumably, when you have such a message other members of the public must also be waiting in a queue to be ansered so it follows many people suffer the same failed system.

    The 101 reporting system is the first line of public engagement, out of hours, and is a failed, damaged system. The main issue is though that the police have known this system has and is failing day in day out, but have done little or nothing to fix it. The further disgrace is that the police should be required to publish how many members of the public call the number, get the `on line` message wait a while to report an incident or a crime, but, discontinue the call due to frustration, and the fact the caller is paying for the call,

    It would not be in Police`s interest to publish such data because it would disproportionatly distort otherwise collated crime reported figures, and add many more crimes which currently go unreported.

  • Cllr Richard Williams

    I am puzzled by this announcement. Caerffili police station did indeed close, it was situated off Mountain Road near to the, also closed, law courts. It has not re-opened so far as I know.

    • HJ

      Caerphilly Police Station is now located opposite the Twyn Car Park, next door to Brinsons Estate Agents

      • Cllr Richard Williams

        I talked to Inspector Jones, of Gwent Police, and he informed me that the Market Street office referred to is only open to the public nine until five and is usually manned by CSOs.

        This is better than nothing but is not a police station in my book.

        • Trefor Bond

          And even the police have not got the front to call the `Police Office` located in Market Street a `Police Station`it is simply an office facility in the sense that it can be accessed by the public for limited periods, DURING THE DAY, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

          IF Councillor Richard Williams is correct and it is manned by Community Support Officers then that is why we sometimes see fewer of them walking the streets, where all the action is in Caerphilly, particularly after 5pm.