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Two injured in crash at Ystrad Mynach hospital entrance

Published in News at 16:40, Monday January 26th, 2015. Last updated at 16:42, Monday January 26th, 2015


Two drivers were taken to hospital after a crash at the entrance to Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr closed the A469 in Ystrad Mynach.

A Gwent Police spokeswoman said they were called just after 3pm after a collision between a Volkswagen Polo and Ford Ka at the traffic lights by the hospital.

She said two women were taken to hospital but the extent of their injuries is unknown.

The road was closed for around an hour but has now reopened.


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  • Cllr Richard Williams

    I wonder what treatment the motorists required and whether Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr was able to help? If this accident had happened ouitside the MIners Hospital there would have been no doubt; in its heyday the Miners only transferred severe burns cases. All others were treated and admitted to a ward if required.

    • Trefor Bond

      It would be very interesting to know where these casualties were taken?

      • Emma Wallace

        Certainly not ystrad

  • Halo

    Im not suprised the road is awful and the bit where three lanes merge into one is chaos.

    • Trefor Bond

      I actually saw a police car almost cause an accident on this road, the driver entered a lane for oncoming vehicles, it was pure mistake and easily done on this road junction,

  • Emma Wallace

    Should never have got rid of the miners. Ystrad hospital is a waste of money as only minor injuries are treated anything the involves a doctors forget it go elsewhere. What a waste of a building.

    • Cllr Richard Williams

      You are correct on all counts Emma. As well as the Miners Hospital we lost Redwood Memorial and Ystrad Mynach hospitals. All to build this glorified hotel where you get a room with a TV but next to no medical care.

      As one elderly resident, who was admitted to Ystrad last year, said to me “give me a ward in the Miners any day.”

      • emma

        I agree with u both they should never of shut the miners down okay it was a 24 hour A&E but at least they had doctor’s there to treat you .
        That new Ystrad hospital is a joke .
        Its run my all nurse’s y

        • emma

          Wasn’t a 24 hour A&E. It was ment to say lolz

          • Cllr Richard Williams

            You were right the first time Emma. You are perhaps much younger than me and can’t remember but the Miners provided 24 hour A & E, or casualty as it was then called, until the early 1980’s.

            I recall cutting my finger badly on a corned beef tin one evening in about 1987 and being surprised at being directed to the East Glamorgan as previously the Miners would have treated this injury. A most apologetic doctor told me then that if there was a life threatening condition, heart attack, arterial damage and the like then the Miners would still provide treatment ‘out of hours’ but restrictions had been put on cases they were allowed to handle.