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Caerphilly rock band release Megaday single for Velindre

Published in News at 12:00, Friday April 24th, 2015.


ICE COLD COOL: Band Best Served Chilled have released a single as part of Megaday

ICE COLD COOL: Band Best Served Chilled have released a single as part of Megaday

A local rock group has written and released a charity single to raise money for Velindre Hospital.

Caerphilly band Best Served Chilled has released Autumn Rain as part of this year’s Megaday music festival, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

The festival is held in memory of two local musicians, Andrew Nichols and Paul Grahame, who sadly both lost their lives to cancer.
Since 1995, the event has managed to raise more than £252,000 for Velindre Hospital.

Best Served Chilled has been involved with Megaday since 2010.

Frontman Mike Bullen explained: “As this is the 20th anniversary, listening to old stories and old photos inspired me to write the song and hopefully make a difference.”

Mike, aged 30 and from Senghenydd, added: “I am so proud to be involved in Megaday every year, this is by far the most exciting and frightening thing I’ve ever done.

“You have to understand that putting something I’ve written out there for all to hear is terrifying. We could easily sell a few hundred copies and every penny counts when it comes to Velindre, but with the right push we could sell thousands of copies, raising both money and awareness for all of this.”

• Autumn Rain (Megaday) can be bought as a download from Amazon, iTunes, Google Play.

For more information about Megaday, which is held each year in August at Caerphilly RFC’s Virginia Park, visit www.megaday.net



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