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Drivers reminded of road closure in town

Published in News at 17:00, Wednesday May 6th, 2015.


Gwent Police is reminding motorists that Blackwood High Street is still closed to traffic every Thursday.

The original closure order for Thursdays was granted in September 2009 in a bid to stop car cruisers racing through the town and police say the measure has been a success.

Permanent barriers for the closure – which takes place between 7pm and 4am – were introduced in January 2011.
Despite this, police say people still ignore the closure.

Since the introduction of the order, Gwent Police claims to have seen a significant reduction in the number of car cruisers visiting the area.

The order prohibits the driving of vehicles along a section of the High Street.

The High Street is closed at four closure points.

While it is only being enforced on Thursday nights, the closure can be implemented by police on any night of the week.

Taxis, buses and blue badge holders are exempt.

Motorists still have access to the main car parks in Blackwood town centre, including the car park accessed from Bridge Street.

Sergeant Mark Thomas, of Gwent Police, said: “We have recently held a partnership meeting to discuss and review the road closure on a Thursday night, as a result, partner agencies and businesses feel that it is still vital that we maintain the order on a Thursday evening.

“I appreciate the vast majority of cruisers are law abiding – what a lot of people do not appreciate is that driving in an antisocial manner is a crime and can adversely affect local residents and visitors to Blackwood.

“Please consider your behaviour and driving style and think about how your parents or grandparents would feel if they suffered as a result of this type of behaviour or driving.”

• A “zero tolerance” approach by police to crackdown on illegal parking in Blackwood town centre saw 19 fines handed out in just five days.

Police said motorists have been parking on double yellow lines and occupying loading bays along High Street while they visit shops and banks.

Officers say the number of complaints about illegal parking have been on the increase.

Blackwood Sergeant Mark Thomas said: “There is adequate car parking provision in the town centre which motorists should be using when leaving their cars. We want to remind motorists we are now taking a zero tolerance approach to this issue.”


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