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Spike in wheelie bin thefts in New Tredegar

Published in News at 12:00, Thursday June 18th, 2015.


Six wheelie bins have been stolen in the last month from the Greenfield Street area of New Tredegar.

Community Support Officer Kath Young, of Gwent Police, said: “People think that steeling wheelie bins is harmless, but theft is a crime. It’s also an inconvenience for the homeowner who is without a bin to put their household rubbish in.

“The New Tredegar ward team have been increasing their patrols in this area and raising awareness amongst the local residents.”

Anyone with information on the thefts can call Gwent Police on 101.


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  • Paul.

    Wheelie bins are being stolen because there are residents in Caerphilly who are putting out 2 brown wheelie bins and 2 green wheelie bins every collection day, Caerphilly Council need to get tough on these people and fine them heavily, this is where the stolen bins are going and the people doing this should be prosecuted. I see residents in my street putting out piles of black bin liners as well as the general waste bins and the bin men take this rubbish as well which they really should leave, for councils the disposal of household waste is a big problem and there are too many irresponsible people thinking it’s okay to produce totally unacceptable levels of waste, the council need to patrol and fine residents who are putting out too much rubbish.

  • Trefor Bond

    If resident `put the bin out on bin day and ensure it is removed from the pavemrnts after collection`, there would be no bins left out to disappear.

    Those who block pavements leaving emply bins out are the ones to have bins stolen.

  • Dean Cooperfield-West

    It is a waste of time to steal these wheelie bins. Anyhow, the people must be caught, locked up, and the key to their cell throw away. This is not a major story though so in future I will refuse to read these articles instead I’ll skip over them.

    Someone beat that for the most bad puns used in three sentences.

  • Pete

    They wheelie have bin naughty. They should skip the courts and go straight to the Can with all the other garbage. They shouldn’t be able to pedal their rubbish attitudes. If I were the judge I would recycle the old corporal punishment laws and put a black bag over their heads and hang them. Absolute trash these people, I refuse to accept their returns to our community. They are an utter waste and should be disposed of in the appropriate receptacle. Total basket cases that litter our streets should be sent away on ocean liners to an island with all the other flotsom and jetsam in order to get some re-use out of them. And to compost the problem these people have no…………. I can’t think of any more.