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Road closure advice ahead of Caerphilly 10k

Published in News at 13:00, Friday June 19th, 2015.


Caerphilly 10k takes place this Sunday, June 21, and the council are advising residents of temporary road closures in the town.

The 10k run, in its third year has become very popular and is accompanied by a 2k junior fun run.

The main run starts and ends on Crescent Road, beginning at 10am. The 2k run starts at 9.15am.

Crescent Road will be closed between Nantgarw Road and the junction of Heol Trecastell estate from 7am to 1pm and fully closed between 9am and 1pm.

Cardiff Road through the town centre and the road leading from the Bedwas Bridge roundabout to Van Road will be fully closed between 9.30am and 12pm.

Piccadilly Square traffic lights will be fully closed from 9am until 10.15am.

The road between the Cedar Tree roundabout and Bedwas Bridge roundabout will be closed to eastbound traffic  from 9am until 11.30am.

Access will be available between Lansbury Park and Mornington Meadows estates throughout the event.

A number of bus routes will also be affected and Caerphilly Interchange and bus stops at Southgate Square, Castle Entrance and Ton-y-felin Chapel will not be in use until after 12pm.

Before 12pm all buses on routes 26, 50, C16, A, B & C will use the bus stop at Castle Court Bandstand and resume their routes at Piccadilly Square or Bedwas Road.

There will also be diversions in place for some services.

The 10.30am number 26 from Caerphilly to Cardiff will not serve Pontygwindy Road between the Cedar Tree roundabout and The Piccadilly. It will also not serve Crescent Road.

The 10.30am number 50 from Caerphilly to Bargoed will not serve Bedwas Road between Bedwas Bridge and The Piccadilly.

The 10.07am A from Graig-y-Rhacca to Caerphilly will also not serve Bedwas Road between Bedwas Bridge and The Piccadilly. The 10.50am and 11.07am will not operate.

The 11.30am B from Caerphilly to Cardiff will not serve St Martins Road. It will depart Castle Court Bandstand then resume its normal route from Watford Park.

There are also parking restrictions on Van Road and Pontygwindy Road from Saturday evening.

Alternative parking is available at Twyn Primary School, Ysgol Y Gwyndy and St Martin’s School.


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  • Pete

    I’ll park down the side street no worries.

  • Dave

    After the velothon last week, this is now taking the mick. I hate Caerphilly council, and you can bet your life none of the councillors will have their weekend disrupted buy the routes. No one ever asked any residents would they mind being marooned in their home! Disgraceful. Ah well, maybe they should give themselves a pat on the back and another extortionate pay rise. Bar stewards.

    • djw

      What do you expect when All the proceeds yesterday went to the Council

  • Jeff Davies

    This event is nothing like as disruptive as the bike ride last week.

    said that, it had the same lack of consultation with effected
    residents, when will Councillors currently running Caerphilly Council
    realise that those Councillors covering the ward through which this
    event takes place and where the greatest disruption takes place DO NOT
    KNOW HOW TALK TO RESIDENTS, it is waht gthey are paid to do!!!!”!!”

    St Martins Ward Councillors do not have the inclination to consult
    residents, they see it as a sign on weakness to do so for fear of
    residents making it clear to them that they are not properly
    representing them in the Council Chamber. And for fear of residents
    telling them to get off their collective backsides and work out how this
    disruption can, and has to be, reduced, and it can be done by a simple
    reconfiguration of the road losures and a slight alteration to the
    course, but, they hav`nt worked that out, because, they are happy to let
    Council Officers take the flack, perhaps these issue should become a
    mission for someone to stand for the Council in the next election and
    unseat the ones who continue, year after year to sort the problem out,
    and dont forget, that in a few weeks time we go through it all again in
    the town.for the big cheese, sort it out for goodness sake, or stand

    • djw

      What do you expect when All the proceeds yesterday went to the Council, I noticed the Councillor who ridiculed the Velothon last week is nowhere to be seen…

      • Jeff Davies

        I actually think djw that there is net cost to the ratepayer in staging this event, so the Council did not make money from it, so, the ratepayers did not benefit, unless you count the few who used it as an event to be enjoyed, I dont!!!!.The inconvenience cost is disproportionate for just a few people to enjoy a Sunday morning run.

        It needs better planning, it needs more thought for the inconvenienced residents, and it needs more consultation with the people who pick up the bill for it, the ratepayers.

        As an alternative please read DAVE`s comments about the Caerphilly, Ridgeway Route,

  • Pete

    My road was off limits for cars so I parked down the side street as I already said. Left the car there, sat on my front wall and cheered the runners on. My neighbours had bottles of water from some other event they are involved with and I got my four year old to hand them out to the competitors for which they were very grateful as the race organisers had run out.
    Next year a couple of us neighbours are going to club together and get a load of bottled water and hand them out for free.
    A community spirited action, clubbing together for others, getting involved, being neighbourly and having a laugh. Or sitting on your asterisk typing complaints into your pc about how it effects YOU.

    And people wonder why Britain isn’t like it used to be anymore, good grief!

  • Jeff Davies

    Because of the road closures I was unable to get to B&Q to pick up
    supplies to do a job today. This was my own fault cause my Mrs
    warned me in advance the roads would be closed but I didn’t listen to
    her. Next year I’ll plan ahead, Have lay in, and miss it altogether, like most residents did last year, `O, and this year.

    If these people want to go running the roads, and my father warned me
    about wasting my time doing that when I was growing up, then let them do
    so I say. until, that is, someone gets a grip how to avoid the
    considerable disruption it causes to ratepaying residents.

    If I wanted to HAND sustenance to anyone, I would volunteer at one the number of local food banks, and really make a difference to people in my community.

    • Pete

      Oh get off your high horse for goodness sake. Whinge whinge whinge, I’ve said before now that we have all the advantages of living in town within walking distance so sometimes we have to suck it up for the wider community. The community that surrounds town like the various housing estates and the old streets that connect them are part of Caerphilly and use town as a centre to our community. Discourage this and the town centre gets used even less and has even less strings to its bow in the current economic decline.

      As for your pious comment about the food banks if you really wanted to make a difference you would give up your job sell everything you own and go to Africa to build toilets and wells for the orphan children.

      Failing that you could come out of your house and join in the fun, I can assure you it’s not going to kill you. I haven’t run to the end of the road in years let alone 10k but am happy to encourage and facilitate those who can be bothered. You never know you might meet your neighbours.

      • Jeff Davies

        It is a disgrace that the odd, resident, spent their Sunday morning clapping and gesticulating like some demented, excited seal, at a group of stangers running the roads for no better reason than THEY CAN, and, before you go off on one again with your comments I do not want to stop them doing that, I just want to stop them doing so in such high numbers, together, and at the inconvenience of residents every year.

        Close the roads once a year for a march of the poor, the disabled and the disenfranchised, a demonstration against austerity, I bet you and your neighbours would come and cheer them on too?, perhaps you could hand them a bottle of water, I bet they would appreciate that as well.

        • Pete

          Lol your bonkers.

          • Jeff Davies

            Is that a qualified opinion Pete? or are your basing your diagnosis on personal experience?.

          • Pete

            I’ve personally just experienced someone trying to link a 10k fun run with poverty in Wales. I’m either being trolled or you’re just a bit doolaly tap Jeff.
            Have fun mate either way.

          • Jeff Davies

            I will Pete. Helping the disadvantaged etc etc.It helps me sleep at night.

      • Dave

        Dont be so ridiculous. There is no need for any roads to be closed. Ever hear of Caerphilly ridgeway walk? I believe it is over 24 miles in length. Why can’t they just run that route, or part of it? There is a solution to keep everyone happy. And making a personal attack on someone, telling them to get off their high horse e.t.c. will not achieve that. Be mindful that not everyone sees the world the same way as you , and just because their opinion is different to yours does not make them wrong.

        • Jeff Davies

          Woooo. common sence and courtesy, thank you Dave. That is really all it takes for entire communities to work together on ALL things effecting friends and nieghbours, good one!!!!.

          • Pete

            Re read your comments sunshine regards name calling and such then come back to me on that one.
            Yes Dave it’s called a difference of opinion where both can exist at the same time. Mine and his.

          • Jeff Davies

            I`ve read your coments `sunshine`, I am not, so far as I know, your, `Mate`, and I am certainly not `Doolaly Tap` or `Bonkers`, so who is name calling who?.

            I support free speech, I encourage everyone to speak their minds, and I encourage a situation in which people do so, but, courtesy, good manners and respect for the individual is top of my agenda and ALWAYS on my Radar, There is however nothing wrong with being critical of a situation or event, there is nothing wrong with the `generally` disingenuous comment`, but, calling someone Doodlaly Tap, Bonkers, mate and sunshine are a step too far and exteemly discourtious and rude. or so I was tought by my father who discouraged me from `running the roads`, This comment passed you by and you failed to see the irony in it.

            Who`s the troll?

          • Pete

            Easy tiger you’re going to do yourself a mischief. You need to relax a little bit, get some exercise. You should try running or something, a bit o fresh air I would suggest.
            Just one question, why did your dad discourage you from running on the roads? Was it because of all the traffic? They should close off the roads every now and again so you could put your daps on an d let off a bit of steam.

          • Jeff Davies

            Why would a severely disabled person want to run, ride a bike or “try running or something” O for the chance.

            As for letting off a bit of steam, O for luck of having any spare steam to let off, I need all I can get, but thats another story, but lets agree to disagree and leave it there shall we..

          • Pete

            That was a new low but agreed.

          • Jeff Davies

            Just for clarity, I was actually talking about me, which I never normally would do

  • Paul.

    Once again Caerphilly Council close miles of roads causing major disruption to the area – yet the miserable, selfish, arrogant bunch of ignorants will not allow a volunteer community group the use a few squares metres of free car park to hold a local produce food market for 4 hours , which would be of benefit to both the local community and local food producers, I for one hope the council mergers go ahead and every last one of them is booted out, they couldn’t care less for the tax paying residents of Caerphilly who they are there to serve not to dictate to.

  • Tax payer

    I had to get into town to babysit my grandson. I was very impressed that the buses were running and got into the centre. Very well organised by the bus company